Port to Pub - another Rottnest swim?

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So apparently there's now a second Rottnest Channel event, scheduled about a month after the more famous one (March 25 this year).

Port to Pub Swim - http://porttopub.com.au

The course is ever-so-slightly different, starting at Leighton Beach, a bit south of Cottesloe where the other one starts. 19.7km - same stated distance as the other one. With an added 25km option that starts with a loop parallel to the beach.

Last year's results: http://bluechipresults.com.au/results.aspx?CId=11&RId=829

What's the story behind this? Is the other event bursting at the seams?



  • gregorywannabegregorywannabe Senior Member

    It is, and has been bursting at the seams for years for teams/duos bruck. They have to all enter a lottery system to get a spot. All solos get in (so far!) so long as they qualify.

    I think you can also do teams of 6 in the Port to Pub.
    The 25km option is to allow swimmers to do the recognized "ultra-marathon" swim distance.

    I know a few doing this swim as teams/duos, plus one of our masters swimmers is doing the 25km solo option.

    It's been put together by Ceinwen Roberts (nee Williams), a well known west aussie distance swimmer.
    She's done the Triple Crown (English Channel, MIMS, Catalina crossing), Rottnest solo at least 3 times, a triple crossing of Rottnest (60km) and a circumnavigation of Rottnest (28km).


    There has been "talk" of the original Rottnest Channel swim even limiting solos.
    It's all to do with the numbers of boats that are allowed into Thompsons Bay at Rottnest.
    One boat for a team of 4
    One boat for a duo
    One boat for a solo
    So you can see what may happen eventually, all solos and no teams/duo spots left!

    There has also been "talk" of doing it over 2 days, e.g. Sat teams/duos, Sun solos.


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