Global Marathon Swimming Awards 2016 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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The votes have been tallied in the fifth annual MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Lori King is the winner of the Yudovin Award for Most Adventurous Swim, for her 21-hour, 36-mile circumnavigation of Bermuda. This was only the second-ever such swim (after Sean O'Connell 40 years ago), the first by a woman, and the new record for fastest. Lori's swim was documented in an extensive log, and covered in an article in the Royal Gazette.


Well done, Lori, and thanks to @rondi for the nomination.

Congratulations, as well, to the other finalists for the Yudovin Award: Greg O'Connor and Jeff Miller.

Check back over the next three days for winners of the Streeter Award, Barra Award, and Solo Swim of the Year.



  • The first thought that entered my mind today when I heard the Bermuda swim won the Yudovin award for most adventurous swim in 2016 was, ‘I wish I had met David Yudovin and spoke to him about his many adventures.’ This swim certainly was an adventure for myself and my team. Greg O'Connor and Jeff Miller, I am honored to have shared this nomination with you both.

    I want to thank MSF and the Marathon Swim community for voting for the Bermuda Circumnavigation Swim. While my name is mentioned this award needs to be rightfully shared with so many fellow marathon swimmers and Bermudians who helped make it possible. First and foremost, my amazing coach, Bonnie Schwartz Nolan. She has made me a stronger swimmer in every way. My team: Nick Strong, Mike Cash, Jim Butterfield, Brion Estis, Devon Clifford, Alex Hammond, Russell DeMaura, Ilya Malone, and Roseli Johnson – I could not have asked for a more caring and competent team to get me through. Fellow Marathon Swimmers who each played a role in helping to make this swim possible with guidance and advice (in no special order): Andrew Malinak, Rondi Davies, Jaimie Monahan, Janine Serell, Laura Picardo, Bridgette Hobart, Tim Treadwell, Caroline Block, Tina Neill, Lynne Cox, Karen Throsby, John Humenik & Sean O’Connell (boy I hope I didn’t forget anyone). It certainly took a small village and I am forever grateful to each of you. Thank you again!

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    Congratulations to @david_barra, @Rondi Davies, and @Alex_Arevalo: the founding directors of New York Open Water have been voted the winners of the Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming.

    The circumstances that led to the founding of NYOW are familiar to many in this community, but let's pause again to appreciate what these three have done to promote and preserve marathon swimming in NYC and the Hudson Valley. As if they didn't already have enough on their plates with the epic 8 Bridges... their resurrection of the Manhattan swim is nothing short of astounding. And they've done it with grace and class.

    Congratulations, as well, to the other finalists for the Streeter Award: Sam Jones and Roy Malinak. And thanks to @AnthonyMcCarley for the nomination.

    To view all the awards and finalists on one page, see here:

  • Tracy_ClarkTracy_Clark Norwich, United Kingdom (from Auckland, New Zealand)Member

    Massive congratulations to David, Rondi and Alex. So very well deserved. You three don't only make swims happen in an organised, calm (maybe not behind the scenes) and fun make dreams come true too! Thak you so much from this Kiwi!! I can't recommend the 20 Bridges Swim highly enough....!!! Thanks guys!!!

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    Congrats indeed! Roy is celebrating for you.


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    It's truly an honor to have the opportunity to work with Rondi and Alex behind the scenes and on the the water doing something we love. There are, of course, many other perennial players that we lean heavily on to help things run smoothly including fellow 2016 Streeter Award finalist Roy Malinak. New York Open Water is only possible with the support of the New York open water community of swimmers, kayakers, boaters and other volunteers.
    Thank you everyone, for your encouragement and support during our inaugural season. I hope there will be many more!


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    @Jaimie Monahan and @DanSimonelli are the winners of the Barra Award, which recognizes the most prolific overall year of marathon swimming. And what a year they both had!

    Jaimie completed marathon swims in Lake Geneva, Switzerland (69 km, Geneva to Montreux, first to swim in both directions); Lake Como, Italy (50 km); Lake George, New York (52 km); Lago d'Orta, Italy (27 km); around Absecon Island, Atlantic City, New Jersey (30 km); around Manhattan Island (46 km); 8 Bridges, Stage #7; and the 27 km Rose Pitonof Swim in New York City.

    And Dan swam the Catalina Channel (in January!) and the English Channel, two Catalina relays, one SBCSA relay, in addition to his usual extensive work in support of other swimmers.

    Congratulations, as well, to the other Barra Award finalists: Caroline Block, Chloe McCardel, Devon Clifford, Mark Spratt, and Philip Yorke.

    Full details here:

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    The Solo Swims of the Year are Sarah Thomas' 80-mile swim in Lake Powell, and Howard James' English Channel swim on May 16 - as voted by the members of this community.

    These swimmers pushed the perceived physical and mental limits of our sport in stunning fashion. Sarah swam further, unassisted by equipment or currents, than anyone ever has. And Howard swam earlier (and later!) in the EC season than anyone ever has.

    And Sarah's observer team pushed the previously known limits of documentation quality and depth - see here.

    Congratulations and respect to @ssthomas and @howard13, who inspired so many of us this year.

    Photo by Ken Classen
    Photo by Danny Burrows

    Congratulations, as well, to the other finalists for Solo Swim of the Year: Pat Gallant-Charette, Sal Minty-Gravett, Christian Jongeneel, and Mike Tyson.

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