Dealing with "Shoulder Twang" while prepping for 5K Fly?

I did a "Sharkfest" event last year that had waves about 2-3' hitting diagonally during my swim. I maintained fly for the full 1.5K (yes, a relatively short swim), but since then I've been bothered by tendon twanging in my left shoulder. Had I freestyled, I'd have just cut through without issues, but due to the width of my arm position in fly, I was heavily affected. I'm focusing on a 5K OW in fly this season, but I'm interested in any suggestions from the masters on ways to get past the annoyance and occasionally tightness and pain from this residual twang. Any thoughts or suggestions?


  • EricEric Member
    edited December 2016

    It sounds like you've injured your shoulder. You may want to consider laying off the Fly for a while until it fully heals. If that means adjusting your goal, think of it as a small price to pay for an injury that could nag you for years, or worsen.

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