Global Marathon Swimming Awards 2016 - FINALISTS

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We are pleased to announce the finalists for the 2016 MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards.

For more information, please see the dedicated page:

Solo Swim of the Year (Female)

Pat Gallant-Charette (US) - oldest to swim North Channel

Sally Minty-Gravett (Jersey) - oldest to swim two-way English Channel

Carol Schumacher Hayden (US) - oldest to swim Catalina Channel

Sarah Thomas (US) - 80 mile (129 km) swim in Lake Powell

Solo Swim of the Year (Male)

Howard James (UK) - earliest English Channel swim

Christian Jongeneel (Spain) - double Manhattan circumnavigation

Mike Tyson (US) - Lake Issyk Kul

Barra Award for Best Overall Year (Female)

Caroline Block (US)

Devon Clifford (US)

Chloe McCardel (Aus.)

Jaimie Monahan (US)

Barra Award for Best Overall Year (Male)

Dan Simonelli (US)

Mark Spratt (US)

Philip Yorke (UK)

Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming

David Barra, Rondi Davies, Alex Arevalo (US) - New York Open Water

Sam Jones (UK) - English Channel crew

Roy Malinak (US) - NY-area swim support

Yudovin Award for Most Adventurous Swim

Lori King (US) - swim around Bermuda

Jeff Miller (US) - swim around St John

Greg O'Connor (US) - swim across Massachusetts Bay

Statement on Transparency of Process

  • Finalists were selected as the top three or four community-generated nominations, as measured by "likes", as of November 25.
  • The female categories of Solo Swim of the Year and the Barra Award were expanded to four finalists, proportional to the greater number of nominations.
  • Sarah Thomas was nominated in both Solo Swim of the Year and the Yudovin Award. According to previous policy, a single person can be a finalist in either Solo OR Yudovin, but not both. With Sarah's consent, we placed her in the Solo category.

Stay tuned for information on the voting process and schedule.



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    Emails have been sent to all Forum members registered before October 17. The emails contain a link to the voting website, with a unique token allowing only one vote per member.

    If you are an eligible Forum member and didn't receive the voting email:

    • check your spam folder
    • send a message to awards2016 at marathonswimmers dot org, and we'll get it sorted

    The voting website will remain open through the end of the month or so. Any updates will be posted to this thread.

  • AnthonyMcCarleyAnthonyMcCarley Berwyn, PACharter Member
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    Late Nomination for the Streeter Award.

    It was remiss of me not to submit this nomination earlier. I beg forgiveness from the administrators.

    It would be a shame not to include Ms. Diana Nyad as a write-in nominee for The Streeter Award. She should be recognized for her leadership and contribution to the sport of marathon swimming.

    As noted by none other than the great Doc Counsilman, she was a leader in media relations decades ago. And Ms. Nyad appears to still be a leader in media relations. It could clearly be argued that in 2013 she was at the forefront of “fake news”.

    If it weren’t for Ms. Nyad’s claim in September 2013, the MSF Rules of Marathon Swimming, used by so many of the nominees this year, would not have been published when they were. I ask you, where would we be without the MSF Rules of Marathon Swimming? By what standards would we measure our idols?

    If it weren’t for the attention given to the details, or lack of details, of Ms. Nyad’s claim in 2013, there may not be the same level of evaluation being currently applied to Mr. Ben Hooper’s adventure. In fact, I contend that because of Ms. Nyad’s claim almost every individually organized swim now reaches for higher standards of transparency. And if they don’t, the now experienced audience of this forum has a foundational criteria for evaluation.

    So, please forget about Mr. Dave Barra’s team saving the dreams of people who wish to swim around Manhattan. Please ignore all the countless and selfless hours given by people such as Mr. Roy Malinak. Cast aside your thoughts about voting for the devotion displayed for others by Ms. Sam Jones. Do a write-in vote for Ms. Nyad – who has been an example for all of us and whose actions have had tremendous impact and influence on the sport.

    (I am kidding.)

  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member

    Dammit @AnthonyMcCarley, I've already submitted my ballot. :(


    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    The voting website will remain open through 11:59pm GMT on Sunday January 1st, or whenever I get around to turning it off the next day.

    The leading vote-getters will be announced Wednesday morning, January 4th.

    Thanks to those who have already voted. There have been a few reports of ballots getting lost in spam folders or not being received at all, so if you have a problem please email awards2016 at marathonswimmers dot org

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    For those who have been asking, the announcement of results has been moved back a few days. Thank you for the interest, and please check back Monday morning :)

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