CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2016 Solo Swim of the Year

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Please submit your nominations for Solo Swim of the Year, by commenting on this thread. To submit a private nomination, please contact us.

This award is intended to honor the most outstanding marathon swim in 2016 -- one by a female, and one by a male.

Finalists will be selected on the basis of community support, as measured by "Likes." So, if you agree with a nomination and want to "second" it, click the "Like" button on that nomination. Nominations will remain open for approximately three weeks.

Previous years' finalists for Solo Swim of the Year (winners indicated in bold):

2012 - female

- Annaleise Carr (Canada). Lake Ontario crossing.
- Chloe McCardel (Australia). English Channel two-way.
- Tina Neill (USA). San Clemente Island to California mainland.

2012 - male

- Trent Grimsey (Australia). New English Channel record.
- Craig Lenning (USA). Tsugaru Strait crossing.
- Bill Shipp (USA). Lake Memphremagog crossing.

2013 - female

- Michelle Macy (USA). North Channel record.
- Sarah Thomas (USA). Two-way Lake Memphremagog.
- Wendy Trehiou (Jersey). Two-way English Channel.

2013 - male

- Fergal Somerville (Ireland). Oldest to complete North Channel.
- Ned Denison (Ireland / USA). False Bay crossing.
- Sylvain Estadieu (France). English Channel butterfly.

2014 - female

- Chloё McCardel - 124.4km Bahamas swim, new world distance record
- Charlotte Samuels - 20-hour Catalina Channel swim
- Susan Simmons - two-way crossing of Lake Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada (68 km)

2014 - male

- Bob Fernald - English Channel
- Craig Lenning - first Farallon Islands to mainland swim since 1967
- Otto Thaning - oldest to swim English Channel

2015 - female

- Chloё McCardel - three-way English Channel
- Jaimie Monahan - Lake Geneva
- Kimberly Chambers - first woman to swim from Farallon Islands to Golden Gate Bridge
- Marcy MacDonald - Loch Ness
- Margarita "Tita" Llorens - first crossing of Mallorca Channel, Spain

2015 - male

- Andrew Malinak - Strait of Juan de Fuca
- Bill Shipp - Catalina Channel
- David Barra - Cayuga Lake
- Jason Betley - two-way Catalina Channel

The MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards, now in their fifth year, are the only peer-nominated, peer-voted awards for the sport of marathon swimming.


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    Nomination for Female Solo Swim of the Year: Chloe Harris - Foveaux Strait, New Zealand

    • 8 hours, 30 minutes on 1 February 2016
    • Straight-line distance of 17 miles (27 km)
    • The strait separates Stewart Island from the South Island of New Zealand. First swum by John van Leeuwen in 1963. Chloe is the 7th successful unassisted solo, and the fastest.

    News coverage


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    Nomination for Male Solo Swim of the Year: Howard James, earliest-in-season English Channel swim

    • 13 hours, 13 minutes on 16 May 2016
    • Previous record for earliest in season: Kevin Murphy, 29 May 1990
    • Sea temp 12C (54F)
    • Observed and sanctioned by the CSA. Piloted by Andy King on the Louise Jane.

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    We've had a private nomination for Sally Minty-Gravett's 36 hour, 26 minute two-way crossing of the English Channel. At 59, Sally is the oldest woman to complete a double. The swim was escorted by Neil Streeter on Suva, and sanctioned by the CS&PF.

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    Private nomination for Liane Llewellyn Hickling - 4-way Lake Windermere swim.

    I would like to nominate Liane Llewellyn Hickling for female solo swim of the year.

    Liane is a very understated individual. She gets in, does what she loves doing, and completes some outstanding swims without any fuss.

    This year she completed two outstanding swims. The first was a complete circumnavigation of St Kilda in the Outer Hebrides. She swam this early in the season on 24th June 2016 in 4hrs 6mins 12secs.

    The second swim is the one that I am nominating her for. Liane completed a FOUR Way Windermere (42 miles) on 17th -18th September 2016, 23hrs 47mins 28secs.

    Both swims were observed and ratified by the BLDSA.

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    I'd like to nominate Pat Gallant-Charette and her amazing North Channel swim this summer. The North Channel is a beast of a swim- cold, jelly fish infested, and with strong tides that challenge even the best swimmers. It's one of those "no joke" swims that you can't just wing your way through. If you aren't prepared 100% mentally and physically, the North Channel will chew you up and spit you back out. I think Fergal Sommerville said it best in his Facebook post after Pat's swim:

    "Last Wednesday, in an incredible time of 14 hours and 22 minutes Pat Gallant-Charette became the oldest individual to swim the North Channel. You could say she achieved this milestone at an incredible age, but Pat ignores the '65' barrier and shows no sign of abating in a quest to take on the most challenging of open water swims. She is clear demonstration to us youngsters that age is a number not a barrier. Pat's North Channel swim on Wednesday was her second attempt. Her first attempt in 2013; a marathon 16¾ hours, was halted within ½ mile of the Scottish coast as the tide cruelly reeled her back towards the middle of the Channel and her wrist was badly sprained - even in that swim (I believe) she was the oldest ever to take on the North Channel. She now proudly holds the distinction of having spent more time in the North Channel (30+ hours) than all other swimmers, with the exception of Alison Streeter, Kevin Murphy and Anne Marie Ward."

    Pat's swim is an inspiration to all of us not to let age serve as a barrier for achieving our dreams!

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    A privately-submitted nomination for Carol Schumacher Hayden - new women's and overall record for oldest to complete a solo swim of the Catalina Channel.

    I would like to nominate Carol Schumacher Hayden for female solo swim of the year. Carol, age 66, set a new women’s and overall age record when she completed her solo crossing of the Catalina Channel in the time of 15:02:44. This was a hard-won victory for Carol as she planned to swim the channel last year, but had to delay her plans due to a severe concussion that she sustained while traveling overseas. Carol struggled through training during a full year of headaches, vertigo, memory loss and fatigue, all of which were worsened by training in cold water. She struggled through her swim training with post-concussion syndrome for twelve long months, not knowing whether she would be healthy enough to attempt her swim until two short months beforehand. Her symptoms finally subsided in mid-summer, and on September 27, she overcame not only the obvious physical and mental obstacles associated with a channel swim, but also prevailed against the debilitating effects of post-concussion syndrome. To top it off, at age 66, she raised the bar even higher for those aspiring to set an age record.

    The swim was observed and ratified by the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation.

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    I would like to nominate @IronMike for Male Solo Swim of the year for his crossing of Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan on July 6th, 2016. Lake Issyk Kul is the second largest alpine lake in the world and sits at 5,253 feet elevation! Mike swam a 8.6 mile/14km route from Kara-Talaa to Toru-Aygyr in 6:02.45, chosen to follow in the path of the mystical Kyrgyz horse who swam the lake in local legends.

    Although it may be one of the shorter swims nominated in this category, this is a meaningful, challenging, and beautiful swim. Swimming at altitude is always tough unless you live at altitude, and this is a swim that had never been done before so logistics and planning were relatively difficult.

    After a false start last summer, Mike succeeded this year and has already inspired the local people to become more active in their daily lives, and started to open authorities up to the ideas of people swimming in this beautiful lake for enjoyment and fitness. Mike documented his experience, created the Lake Issyk Kul Swimming Federation and another swimmer has already re-created his swim. Overall a really neat endeavor.

  • I would like to nominate Christian Jongeneel's record breaking Manhattan double circumnavigation swim.

    "Between 17 and 18 September this year, Christian Jongeneel from Malaga in Spain became one of only a few people to complete a double circumnavigation of Manhattan Island, setting a new record of 20 hrs 15m and 57s in the process."

    Coverage from H2Open:

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    A nomination for Melissa Berkay, who swam across the Catalina Channel using only the butterfly stroke on August 10-11. She is only the second person to do so, after Canadian legend Vicki Keith in 1989, and is now the fastest.

    20.2 miles in 12 hours, 41 minutes. Swim escorted by the Pacific Star and sanctioned/observed by the CCSF.

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    I nominate Sarah Thomas @ssthomas for Solo Swim of the Year, which recognizes the "most outstanding marathon swim in 2016", because, well....

    There is no need to post additional details, even by my own annoying standards, because it's all here:

    That is all.

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