• david_barradavid_barra NYCharter Member

    It's always nice to have a mention in the NYT, and this is no exception though the article fails to mention Rondi Davies and Alex Arevalo as the two other principal players of New York Open Water.... Indeed it gives me too much credit for this effort.

    I believe some of the content regarding profit and not-for-profit status of various NYC swim entities to be incorrect.
    Swim Free is and always was not-for-profit.

    This has been a frustrating transition for many swimmers, that's understandable, but consider the reason so many have a Manhattan circumnavigation swim on their bucket list in the first place is due to the vision of Morty Berger and decades of hard work to make NYC a world class destination for marathon swimmers.

    NYC Swim has made it possible for thousands of people to experience the joy and excitement of swimming in the waters around Manhattan. I consider myself fortunate to be among them.


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  • emkhowleyemkhowley Boston, MACharter Member

    Here, here. You're a class act, @david_barra and I'm so glad to see that you and Rondi and Alex have taken up stewardship of the around Manhattan swim. Congrats on a successful first event!


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