Tita Llorens - 90km from Ibiza to Alicante

mauprietomauprieto New Orleans, LAMember

Tita Llorens will start swimming at 4am Spain time (7PM Sunday California time) from Ibiza to mainland Spain, a distance of some 90km -56 miles. If completed, she would be the first swimmer to complete this crossing without a wetsuit. Mucha suerte Tita!

You can follow her here: https://share.delorme.com/Titallorens



  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    FYI from Tita's crew, via FB:

    Informaros que el reto a finaliza antes de lo esperado.

    Nos hemos encontrado con un viento en contra de fuerza 4 y con rachas de fuerza 5 y con un fuerte oleaje desde las 16h. A las 21:20h tras 17 horas y 45km nadados y por motivos de seguridad el equipo a decidido que el cruce era imposible pasar la noche. Os pedimos disculpas pe no haberos informado antes pero por motivos logístico a sido imposible.
    Margarita se encuentra perfectamente y ya estamos en el puerto de Denia.
    Muchísimas gracias por todo vuestro apoyo.

    Translation: To inform you that the challenge to ends sooner than expected.

    We have met with a headwind of force 4 and with streaks of force 5 and with a strong waves from 16 h. At 21:20 pm after 17 hours and 45 km nadados and for security reasons, the team decided that the crossing it was impossible to spend the night. Apologies for not having informed the ep before but for logistical reasons to been impossible.
    Margarita is perfectly and we are already in the port of Spain.
    Thank you so much for all your support.

    This was a real swim from someone with a real history of completing swims of this distance.

    Big respect to Tita.

  • msathletemsathlete Victoria, British Colubia, CanadaMember

    Fabulous achievement!

  • mauprietomauprieto New Orleans, LAMember

    Very brave attempt from Tita. The conditions were rough enough that she had been swimming without kayak support, as kayaks were pulled out because they could not navigate in such conditions. Two other swimmers have crossed in the past with a wetsuit (David Meca and Juanjo Serra). Tita was trying to become the first swimmer to do so with no wetsuit and under EC rules.

  • MvGMvG MauritiusCharter Member

    45 kms in rough conditions - respect!

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