Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) swims

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Mark Sheridan of the UK is just about finished from his solo crossing of Lake Geneva. The twitter feed @LakeGenevaSA has a link to the spot me. 30+ hours ...



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    ~69km in 33:06 !


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    Huge congrats to Mark - tracks look ridiculously consistent. From what I heard he held the exact same stroke count the entire time!

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    A relay of four just completed a crossing of Lake Geneva ... as a medley relay !

    Philippe Perez in butterfly,
    Rudy Frérotte in backstroke,
    Hugues le Bel in breaststroke and
    Sergio Bianchini in front crawl

    ... in 27h50

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    Its the last Lake Geneva swim of the season and it's a solo too!

    Nick Murch swam the EC a few weeks ago and is now having a crack at Geneva, he set off this morning and looking at the tracker, he's doing very, very well indeed.

    Tracker here:

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    Woohoo, congrats Nick and team!

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    Fantastic interview with pioneering Lake Geneva swimmer Vedika Bolliger, posted to LGSA's FB page:

    What was your first Open Water swim?

    My first big swim was in 1990, lake Zurich, which I did just for training. That summer I swam the English channel in 14hrs 45mins. Actually now comes it comes to mind, the year before in 1989, I was part of an EC relay team & I was still swimming breast stroke, (it was during the next winter I learned how to crawl!)

    What do you think separates OW swimming from other sports?

    For me its just so great to stay in natural water – to be part of the water. And OW swimming always has surprises. You don't know what to expect – the only thing for sure you can expect are surprises. There can be a sudden change of weather, jellyfish, getting lost, sunburn, stomach problems, helpers getting seasick, big waves, swallow salt water, sudden fog, etc etc. And surrendering to nature is what makes this sport definitely very special.

    What was your hardest OW moment

    My first English channel solo (1990). The water was flat like a mirror, but there was very thick fog. My Captain didn't mind about the fog, and I didn't care either. It was so foggy that you couldn't see any other boats on the water – and there are MANY! So after 6 hours I reached the middle of the channel, when I realised, my boat had stopped. When I asked why, they said, that the french coastguard wouldn't allow any swimmers into their territory. So my captain told me, that I am not allowed to continue, and that I have to come out oft the water. I couldn't believe it!!!! I was so determined to swim the channel and today! I told my captain, that I would stay in the water and wait until the fog is over. So I stayed in the water for another 30 minutes, meanwhile the boat was standing still. I just didn't want to come out!!!! So the captain had to convince me, that the french coastguard won't allow any more swimmers. So finally I had to surrender and I cried and cried. The Captain told me at the end: 'You must have really been sure that you could make it!' And yes, I was!

    Three days later I swam the English channel!

    What is your favourite feed?

    Thats a difficult question… I tried many things during the year, always trying to relax my stomach.

    Has OW swimming benefitted your life & how?

    Oh yes, it has!!! My love for the water is endless. And especially with the English channel which I swam 5 times and lake Zurich which I swam 16 times, I have a very special relationship. It’s a mutual love – we just love each other. And we help each other. I never had the idea ‘I have to conquer a lake or the channel’. I always took the path of Love – I love the lake, make good friend with it, and then we are a team and the lake is happy with me as a swimmer and let me fulfil my dream. The whole thing for me was like a pilgrimage. I enjoyed the whole journey, not just the result. I tried to be happy and grateful the whole way – and mostly I succeeded with these thoughts and also with the result.

    And what did I learn? If I can dream it, I can do it! It doesn't have to be a fight and hard, but it can be with joy, faith and patience.


  • I'm surprised they swim from Geneva to Montreux which is against the current. The water enters the lake from the mountains at the 'top end' and flows down to Geneva and out into France.

    There's an annual race across the lake at it's widest point from Evian les Bains to Lausanne (13kms) but sadly by invitation only which seems tough on us normal folks. I lived n Lausanne for 6 years. The top 50cm to 1 metre of water is passably warm, heated by the sun, but below that it is mountain water and c.o.l.d.

    I returned to Lausanne lat summer after 6 years in Singapore and found even the top water cold beyond belief, hence my forum name.. sadly I've got used to warm water!

  • Ok.... so that's a few more swims struck off the bucket list... !!

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    @WarmWater - I think all of the recorded Leman solo swims except my second one have been from Montreux to Geneva. I actually did Geneva to Chillon about 5 hours faster than Montreux to Geneva but I attribute this to being better trained and mentally tougher last year. There is some talk of reviving the traditional width swim for non-pros, hope it comes to fruition as that would be such a nice race!

  • That would be great if it comes about.

    I'd put an extra ice cube in my G&T for 'cold water acclimatisation'.

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    I've signed up for the classic this year but got some questions after I've read the race reports of last two years.

    The information says there are feed stations along the route, and the use of tow-float is mandatory, so I believe that this race has become a mass-participation race rather than a paddler following each swimmer like in the last two years. Also, when I filled in the registration form, there was no such information in the form.

    However, when I returned to the details edit page after completing the registration, there are fields on paddler's personal information, so I am confused now. I have sent an e-mail to the organiser to ask about the fact.

    Has anyone here done the classic in the last two years who can share some experience with me?

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    Last year initially there were not enough volunteer kayakers so the plan was to require tow buoys and the feed stations. Tim was able to secure enough kayakers so each of us had our own kayak escort. We were not required to wear a tow buoy and fed from our individual kayaks. We knew the day before that we would have a kayaker so I was able to prepare my own feed bottles.
    Unless you are bringing your own kayaker I would be prepared for either possibility.
    I stayed in Evian close to the ferry and took the ferry over to Lausanne in the morning of the race. The finish is in Evian so I was close to my hotel after the race.
    If I remember right we started in 3 separate heats.

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    i already checked on this. i have a paddler who would support my swim, but the organisers said "For your paddler, anyone who is interested to be part of the water safety team is invited to fill in this form to register Our safety team will evaluate and be in touch."

    so they'll take your paddler to support the entire race, but wont allow them to support your own swim, and you will therefore still require a tow buoy and rely on whatever the organisers provide at feed stations...

    all a bit disappointing to be honest.

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