Excessive Exercise

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Just thought I'd throw out this article I picked up today. Interesting, but I still plan on swimming :)


I especially enjoyed the comment made after the article by a reader:

"Whatever. If you breath air you die. If your sedentary you die. If your athletic you die. Just live a good life, treat other with respect and be a productive member of society. Guess what, were all human, we will die. We have gotten a little carried away with our nit-picking. My grandfather is a ultra-marathon runner at 75. People tell him all the time "all that running is going to kill you". My cousin is overweight. People tell him all the time that his weight is going to kill him. My dad is a farmer and out in the sun 12 hours a day, people tell him he is going to get skin cancer. I could go on and on. Educate yourself, make your own decisions and leave everyone else alone."


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