San Francisco 24 Hour Relay - Feb 3-5 2017



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    @evmo Well said! I had the good fortune of swimming with someone that had never swam at night. She and I had done a few other swims together down in Santa Cruz and we are the same speed so we pod well together. Our team leader wisely allowed me to guide her through the night. It was a fantastic experience for both of us. Me because I got to share my love of night swimming with a newby and she was able to conquer some of her fears of swimming when she couldn't see what was beneath.

    I agree this event only gets better as each year goes by. Looking forward to next year already
    :)) Suzie sure knows how to put on one heck of a slumber party!!

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    Reptile said:
    This is a super fun swim and a great way to meet superstar open water swimmers from all over the world! Its going to be great!


    Speaking of meeting super star open water swimmers from all over the world, I met Reptile at the 2016 24 Hour Relay!

    ❤ Swim Gypsy

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    This weekend was exactly what my poor, swim-deprived and over-educated soul needed, if not just for the water, but also the people! Thank you so much @suziedods for continuing to put this on and inspiring the Dolphin Club to open its doors and disrupt the weekend for their members to let all of us get to experience SF Bay the way you locals do, as well as hold the best slumber party ever. I have no idea where I will be living this time next year, but I will find a way to make it back if you guys hold this again next year. Also thank you @thelittlemerwookie for badgering me into coming out -- you, @gregoc and @AnthonyMcCarley get me into the best kinds of trouble!

    Suzie, would it be appropriate for any of us to send a thank you card to the Dolphin Club board?

  • @rosemarymint , That would be a very thoughtful and kind thing to do.
    The address of the club is 502 Jefferson St SF CA 94109.
    If it's written on real paper then it goes into the minutes.
    An email would be fine as well , but I'm not sure of the emails of all the board members but I think it is available on the website.
    Diane Walton is the VP and she has email.
    The president... does not.
    Thank you all.
    I'm really am glad you had a good time.

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    Bucket list

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    TMcQueen said:

    That photo being upside-down is very appropriate for meeting Reptile!!

  • Just to keep everyone up to date..
    Waiting on receipts from John Ingle and should have the "financials' done by Sunday evening.
    Just to be COMPLETELY transparent.. I got a ticket Friday night for parking in front with out feeding the meter enough. :(
    I would really like to have " the swim " pay that but understand that since this is NOT technically a "swim cost" I can also pay it myself.
    Thoughts? Comments? I just want to be on the up and up.

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    I'll pitch in a little extra to help cover the cost of your ticket. How much is the fine?

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    TMcQueen said:
    I'll pitch in a little extra to help cover the cost of your ticket. How much is the fine?

    Me too just sent me and email and I'll gladly help defer the cost!

  • I've had a generous anonymous offer to defray. I am still cogitating on this.
    My promise was that I would not make any money on the event, ( but I didn't foresee LOSING any as well:) . As I mentioned on fb, I promise I will have the "financials" done tonight.
    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • Okay.. Anthony has paid my ticket. Thank you.
    I come up with $1722 profit to be donated to the DC building fund, which funds repairs and upkeep for the building.
    Food costs were rightfully more( 75 swimmers as to 43 last year) & insurance costs went from $900 to $1225( again more swimmers).
    I take a picture of my 'spreadsheet ' Tuesday, right now I'm going to bed.

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