San Francisco 24 Hour Relay - Feb 3-5 2017

suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber
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Yes, yes, I know it's early but it just seems like summer in SF what with the fog and all ,so I thought I'd put a little bug in everyone's ear.

It is NOT Stupor Bowl weekend and it has NOT been okay'd by the BOG at the DC but.. well.. cross fingers.

See previous threads for the makeup and machinations.
Cost tbd but I am looking at $75 not $95.
Same details.. dinner Friday night. done by Sunday at about 10.30 AM
Hoping to get a solid 50 swimmers and reach some more out of towners...
ALL are welcome.



  • Sarah4140Sarah4140 DenverMember

    Suzie would love to participate--I am in Denver so maybe I am one of the out of towners you are trying to get?!

  • SwimUpStreamSwimUpStream Portland Oregon Member

    Yes! Count me in!

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member


  • CathyInCACathyInCA Martinez, CASenior Member

    I'm IN!! Love this event and was so sorry I couldn't participate this year. Great big swimming slumber party with great people. Thanks again Suzie for putting on this event again!!

  • TMcQueenTMcQueen Belton, TXMember

    Count me in! It's on my calendar! Thank you, Suzie!!!

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    I'll bring the gummi bears and red licorice.
    Let there be bacon.

  • TMcQueenTMcQueen Belton, TXMember

    MMMmmm BACON!!!

  • I will be presenting this to the DC BOG in OCTOBER...
    If you are interested and don't have a team... no problem, we'll find you one.
    Cost TBD but I am thinking $75 pp.

  • Suzie please keep us updated, I am one of the interested out of towners!

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber
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    It's a go!!


    • email is really the best for me

    Friday night

    • dinner at 6ish. Should be done by 8-8.30pm


    • meet at 8am to find your place
    • Swimming starts at 9am


    • Finish swimming at 9am
    • CLEAN UP and done

    Cost $75 to me- paypal is awesome but remember they take like $2 so you can also just mail me a check.

    Teams of 4-10- TBD- if you don't have a team- I will find you one.

    IF I don't know you , please let me know your cold water experience.

    Wetsuits are fine.. honest.

  • We now have THREE teams already!! This is very exciting.
    Birdwatchers.. w Lisa Amorao at the helm
    A Motley Crew ( I just named them) - from all over the States
    Team Dods- we need a better name-.. a compilation of both Dods and "honorary Dods'".

  • Just to pop this to the top for a bit.
    If you are interested,either as someone needing a team or someone who is already ON a team: Cost is $75,payable to me. ALL funds go to the event and anything left over goes to the Dolphin Club building fund. If you have sent a check and I have not cashed it, don't fuss. I'll do that around the 10th of Jan. Payment holds your spot.
    I will find you a team if you don't have one.
    All are welcome.

  • malinakamalinaka Seattle, WACharter Member

    How does one get to be an "honorary Dods"?


    I don't wear a wetsuit; it gives the ocean a sporting chance.

  • @malinaka ,by default???

  • Pre Holiday nudge..
    If you have sent a check, I won't be cashing til Jan 10. If you would like to send a check pm me for my address or paypal at
    Water is at 54F now,with intermittent days of below 50 F air temp.

  • ReptileReptile Lake TahoeMember

    This is a super fun swim and a great way to meet superstar open water swimmers from all over the world! Its going to be great!



    Best Regards,

    Tom Linthicum
    Lake Tahoe Marathon Swim Federation

  • I just created an 'event " on fb as well, please don't be offended if I didn't invite you.

  • dc_in_sfdc_in_sf San FranciscoCharter Member

    I'm in. missed out too many of these and they look like soooo much fun.

    suziedodsgregocrosemarymint - open water adventures of a very ordinary swimmer

  • rosemarymintrosemarymint Charleston, SCCharter Member

    I'm in too. Nothing says last semester like swimming around Aquatic Park in the middle of February, at night.

  • gregocgregoc Charter Member

    Just bought my airline tickets. I'm excited to meet up with everyone in February.

  • I really hate to do this.. but.. PLEASE , send your $. It would realllly help if I had solid numbers by Jan 10 or so. This enables me to do a head count, muck around with teams and most importantly gauge food.!
    You can paypal me at or oldfashioned mail at 27 Channing Apt 3 San Rafael CA 94903.
    Thank you! !

  • Phew...
    Uhm.. not that I wouldn't like more people but I have to cap it.
    People have come out of the woodwork ( YAY) and made their own teams so.. uhm.. it's FULL.
    We have ,I believe reached my goal of getting more swimmers and now.. IT'S FULL!
    Thank you one and all for helping to get this off the ground and running.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    If you don't have a team, I will find you one.

  • It's sooo full that I think the size has doubled. Honest. So.. please think about that when you pack.Space will be at a premium and ALL will be needed for keeping the DC tidy and as dry as possible. I am detoxing from FB for a week so email me @ or call me! if you have questions. My Sunday project is "teaming'.. and calculating the bacon needed.
    For those of you that are new.. please remember that you will be expected to "pitch in" in other ways as well, kayaking, safety count , kitchen.. wherever your skill is.
    Excited to see old friends and meet new ones.
    Love to all, :x

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    I had hoped to join you all this year, but my work schedule isn't allowing it, and I need to work to make the $ to do all these cool swims! :)

    I managed a mini sort-of-ice-swim on New Year's Day, just ~100 yds in a wetsuit in 40 degree water, followed by a 5k run. My first thought when I touched the water, even after yoga, meditation, and deep breathing was, "Holy $h*t, this is cold!" But just then the RD blew the air horn, and instinct took over. ... as in, follow those people! They must know where they're going! (I'm sure some of you remember parents and teachers warning against such thinking. ... "if everyone jumps off a cliff, does that mean you have to?" But bear with me.)

    After a few Tarzan strokes, I finally got the nerve to put my face in the water.... and managed to reach the transition area alive. But I asked myield afterward how ready I'd be for a 24 hr relay with longer stints in cold water, even wearing a wetsuit. I still need work on acclimating. But I hadn't quite abandoned the idea when o learned I was scheduled to work Saturday. Even then, I tried to negotiate the hours but managed only to reduce, not elimitate Saturday hours, and mean while learned the swim was filled. The fact that I was relieved tells me I need to wait another year.

    Still, the idea of a long weekend swimming in SF does appeal. And work hours change periodically. So with your former governor, I'll say, "I'll be back." :)

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    Wishing everyone a safe and fun time!

  • Less than 2 weeks. Some of this will be also up on fb so apologise if you get it twice.( and it's still not perfected)
    The kitchen- will be manned by a rotating group of folks- my lovely sister is is charge of Sat breakfast- not sure who has lunch- and John Ingle from the DC is in charge of dinner.
    Each team will be expected to help (in rotation) as needed but please don't cram the kitchen and please as always, be respectful if DC member needs some space (although I am really trying to discourage that, in the nicest possible way)
    Where I am lacking right now ( and it's kind of my fault) is kayakers- so.. if you are on a large team we may pull you in for a shift in a kayak.
    The water is hovering around 50F, and it's really fresh... so much rain and run off , it tastes like a lake.
    We have A LOT of swimmers.. so please be aware that you may not have your preferred sleeping area..
    Again, thank you all for your interest, I hope we can pull this off again!


  • TMcQueenTMcQueen Belton, TXMember

    I fly in to SFO on Fri at 2:30PM. I need a place to crash Fri night, either a couch or share a hotel room. I'm animal friendly and a heavy sleeper.

  • gregocgregoc Charter Member

    If you have a big enough kayak, I can do a turn or 2 over the 24 hours. I have experience.

  • @gregoc , that's wonderful. Thank you. @TMcQueen ? you sorted?

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in 10 days!

    For anyone interested, I created a little dashboard of real-time SF Bay marine weather & tidal info at:

    These data are available elsewhere of course, but typically you have to use a different site/app for weather than for tides.

    Looks like this may be the coldest water we've had for the 24 Hour Relay since its inception.... no sniveling!!

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    I like to snivel. Especially at 3 am.

  • KagemushaKagemusha Honolulu Member

    Sniveling is an essential element of my mental preparation.

  • CathyInCACathyInCA Martinez, CASenior Member

    feel free to pull me to kayak! I'm bringing my vessel down on Friday!!

  • TMcQueenTMcQueen Belton, TXMember

    suziedods said:
    @gregoc , that's wonderful. Thank you. @TMcQueen ? you sorted?

    Yes, thank you! I can't wait!

  • SwimUpStreamSwimUpStream Portland Oregon Member

    I'm also looking for someone to share a hotel room with Friday night or I am a very quiet tidy house guest! :) I fly in mid morning Friday and plan to be able to help set up for the Friday night dinner so I'll go straight from the airport to AP.

  • malinakamalinaka Seattle, WACharter Member

    Looks like this may be the coldest water we've had for the 24 Hour Relay since its inception.... no sniveling!!

    Good thing it isn't being held at SERC this year. I heard the water is 46 degrees over there! 52 sounds much nicer.


    I don't wear a wetsuit; it gives the ocean a sporting chance.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    malinaka said: Good thing it isn't being held at SERC this year. I heard the water is 46 degrees over there! 52 sounds much nicer.

    There's something in the coals in the SERC saunas that seems to subtract at least 2-3 degrees from the actual water temp. Though, to be fair, the water near shore in Aquatic Park (along the buoy line) can be colder than the NOAA buoy, especially in the morning, due to the shallowness.

  • I posted this on fb but just covering my bases.
    It is , as Evan says.. cold.
    We do have an RN ( who is a bay swimmer) on site. She has said that she will be setting up in the STAIB ROOM. So.. for first aid , bad hypo or any nursy, doctory issues.. that's the place to be.

  • FRIDAY NIGHT @ DC- is MANDATORY.. ( unless you've spoken to me already).
    Dinner at 6 (ish) please arrive at least by 5 pm.. sign waiver, bring a copy of your health ins card , get a name tag..and schmooz.
    We should be out of there by 8 or 8.30.. but we have a large number of people, some new.. and I want EVERYONE to hear the briefing and safety plans.
    You also will need to sign up for kitchen/kayak duty.. at least one slot.
    We have the first 2 hours on Sat covered, we have the 1-3AM slot on Sunday AM covered and a few more but not alot..
    PLEASE pass this on to the folks you know on your team.
    Thank you

  • I sent out emails this morning and I think I have everyone on a team. If you didn't get one.. EMAIL ME Also on the event page on fb Lisa A has put together a fabulous bullet point w video (!) info page.
    Lastly.. my mom will be there Friday night.. She loves attention.. and she's very chatty.
    Please introduce yourself as " Hi Mrs Dods/Nancy, "I'm so and so and I swim in X state " or whatever. She may not remember your name but it makes her feel better.
    If you are doing a task that is simple and repetitive and she's not doing anything.. go ahead and say" Hey, I need help".. she likes to help.. keeping her busy is a GOOD thing.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • AnthonyMcCarleyAnthonyMcCarley Berwyn, PACharter Member

    evmo said:

    Looks like this may be the coldest water we've had for the 24 Hour Relay since its inception.... no sniveling!!

    I've been sniveling for a week now. And plan to keep on sniveling. In fact, even though it is only Wednesday, the duration between snivels is rapidly decreasing.

  • rosemarymintrosemarymint Charleston, SCCharter Member

    AnthonyMcCarley said:

    evmo said:

    Looks like this may be the coldest water we've had for the 24 Hour Relay since its inception.... no sniveling!!

    I've been sniveling for a week now. And plan to keep on sniveling. In fact, even though it is only Wednesday, the duration between snivels is rapidly decreasing.

    I got cold in the pool on Sunday. I never get cold in the pool. Sorry, @AnthonyMcCarley, I may be a crap team mate.

  • gregocgregoc Charter Member

    Don't mind Evan. The water is a steamy 53 and the air is 62. Granted it will rain all weekend, but hey, it's SF!

  • rosemarymintrosemarymint Charleston, SCCharter Member

    Oh sheesh, that's a bloody hot tub! Thanks @gregoc.

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    Hope everyone's having a great swim! Sorry I couldn't join you this year--but one of these years....

  • We skated in between the rain, expected all this week as well.
    Thank you doesn't cover it but will have to do for now.
    Thank you to the DC for boarding us for the night, so far all I've heard from members is good things!
    I'll post the financials hopefully by the end of the week .
    I gave 2 pizzas to SERC for their super bowl party, in the spirit of inclusivity.
    We had a record number of swimmers and I just loved seeing everyone. I am sorry if I didn't get a chance to chat but I did catch up with a few folks.
    Tons of love and respect to all.
    Spread the love. It makes a difference.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    I've done the 24-H-R properly for 2 of the 4 years it's been held, and hung out in the general vicinity of it for the other two years. It seems to get better every year, even compared to the very high bars that have already been set.

    @suziedods had the perfect idea for the perfect venue at the perfect time. Marathon swimming seems to have reached a critical mass of interest/participation/community in the last few years -- I'm not sure this would have worked as well, say, 10 years ago.

    This year the Relay included people who started open water swimming, literally, within the past few weeks ... people swimming at night for the first time ... people swimming longer, in colder water, than they've ever done before ... as well as several of the most accomplished marathon swimmers in the world.

    No matter who you are, the event's format offers significant physical and mental challenges. The easy camaraderie of our shared love of swimming, and the beauty of the Aquatic Park district (day and night), provides lasting images, memories, and friendships.

    For $75, including room & board. Amazing.

    Kudos again to Suzie, and high fives to all the MSF folks in attendance. It was awesome seeing you in person.

    Here's me and my teammate @VanMou handing off amidst the crashing waves:

    16508488_10100939199273932_6029455248796139137_n (1)

  • gregocgregoc Charter Member

    @suziedods did it again! Thanks to the Dolphin club and everyone who volunteered to make it possible. Next time can it just be a slumber party? There are so many people that I wanted to talk to, but the damn swimming got in the way.

  • @evmo , I LOVE that photo.

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    By far my favorite one so far. Mostly because the food was the best this year. :-) Ice cream for breakfast? Heck to the yes. Loved seeing people and swimming colder than I have in a while. Having an event in February is good for the soul.

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