Swimming Catalina and Molokai Channels in less then 3 weeks

johnyGjohnyG Dublin Ireland Member
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Hi there guys I need you advise on this one, I already made my mind but will be nice to hear you side.

Taking in the considerations the cost of travel and stay, available windows and work commitments I decided to do something crazy, to swim Catalina in middle of September then relax for less then 3 weeks in USA, then fly to Honolulu and have a go at Molokai Chanel. Is this normal :)

And I appreciate any advice. Thank you

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  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber

    Most of what we love to do is not normal...:)
    But.. depending on where you are coming from ( NY? UK? Ireland? Uzbekistan?) it may make more sense financially and physically to do that.
    I know nothing about Molokai so can't comment on whether it's easier/less expensive to stay in CA or HI prior to your Molokai attempt.
    My thought would be is there enough recovery time between two long swims? But I am no spring chicken so take longer to recover.

  • johnyGjohnyG Dublin Ireland Member

    Ha ha lol
    Im from Ireland. That's what was my question,is there enough time for Recovery

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber

    Only you can answer that.
    I'm 55 (+) , I would say no for me.
    Some people say.. well, I'm trained, I might as well get them all done in one go... I couldn't do that.
    Maybe you can, maybe someone else could, but I can't.

  • JenAJenA Charter Member
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    For what it's worth: in my early 30s, I found that it would take me a month to get back to my regular speed if I swam for more than 15 hours while decently hypothermic.

  • david_barradavid_barra NYCharter Member

    Well, people have swum more miles in shorter spans..... So it depends on your expectations and willingness to go all in even if your not fully recovered.

    From what I've heard amount Molokai, I'd want to do that one first.


    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    I told this to a friend earlier this year who was asking about the same thing: While you may have time to physically recover, recovering mentally can be harder.

    If you're well-trained and don't taper too much before swim #1, I think 3 weeks is enough recovery time (assuming nothing super crazy happens on swim #1). Getting your head back into the game can be harder. But, you should know your body and mind well enough to know if it's possible for you. Some could do it, others couldn't... so you have to figure out which one you are!

    I really wouldn't recommend doing that if these are your first two marathon/channel swims....

  • johnyGjohnyG Dublin Ireland Member
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    No they are not my first and def not the last ones, last year i did the race in Zurich 27 km and 2 weeks later i swam the North Chanel. So i think is possible

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    If you think it's possible, then who cares if anyone else does! :-)

  • bruckbruck San FranciscoMember

    johnyG said: Is this normal :)

    Nope. Isn't that the point?

    johnyG said: So i think is possible

    You'll never know until you try!

  • johnyGjohnyG Dublin Ireland Member

    I did give an example of last year, it wasn't 2 Chanel's, a lake and a Chanel, but wanted to know others opinion too. Maybe someone else did it and can give an advise. Cheers everyone

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    Some fella named Thomas from Australia just finished Catalina. Apparently, he just swam Molokai a week or so ago. :-)

  • johnyGjohnyG Dublin Ireland Member

    wow... thanks a mill for the info sstomas... any idea of the real name?

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    @johnyG: Here was the announcement from the Catalina Channel page on Facebook:

    Our second solo swimmer, Thomas Pembroke of NSW, Australia, successfully landed on the mainland shore today after completing his crossing in the unofficial time of 12:02:40. Like Karl Kingery, Thomas was greeted by dolphins during his swim in calm seas. Thomas, a teacher at St Pius X College in NSW, aspires to swim the Oceans Seven, with each swim benefiting a favorite charity. He completed a swim across the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland in 2015 as a fundraiser to benefit disabled children in Papua New Guinea. Thomas was still sporting a sunburn from a recent swim across the Molokai Channel in Hawaii, which he swam to benefit “Kiss Goodbye to MS.” His English Channel swim in 2013 is the 4th of his seven-swim quest. No doubt he’ll be successful in his mission as he rounds out the final three Oceans Seven swims! Jax Cole and Bob Cohen supported the swim as CCSF Official Observers along with Pembroke family members. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement, Thomas, and best of luck as you continue to pursue the Oceans Seven!

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber

    Ranie Pearce was pulled from Molokai yesterday after 4+hrs.. due to ... sharks. Evidently she WAS wearing "sharkbanz'... Ranie is tough and fearless,Molokai evidently has it's own set of issues.. :)

  • msathletemsathlete Victoria, British Colubia, CanadaMember

    What a super fabulous thing to do! Best of luck.

  • johnyGjohnyG Dublin Ireland Member

    i don't like them ))

  • DanSimonelliDanSimonelli San Diego CASenior Member

    Attila Manyoki also did both within a few weeks.

  • johnyGjohnyG Dublin Ireland Member

    Just to close this

    Ive done it with in 3 weeks of each other.
    though but its possible
    thank you all and good luck in your adventures this year. Im off to Japan

  • Tracy_ClarkTracy_Clark Norwich, United Kingdom (from Auckland, New Zealand)Member

    Patrick McKnight completed the Triple Crown in 34 days. I agree with ssthomas, I would do Molokai first. ...Good luck!


  • Tracy_ClarkTracy_Clark Norwich, United Kingdom (from Auckland, New Zealand)Member

    ...and more on Patrick McKnight spelt with a Mc'K'....


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