Info on swimming the Kaiwi (Molokai) Channel

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those of you wanting to swim in warmer waters may be thinking about Hawaii. how about the Molokai channel, ? it is one of the ocean 7 swims and the water is warm! just to let you all know , there are 2 , yes 2 channel associations. bill goding and linda Kaiser maintain the KAIWI(MOLOKAI) CHANNEL SWIMMERS ASSOCIATION.

we want you all to know it is a site for swimmers by swimmers. we charge nothing for our advice. swimmers deal direct with our boat captains. both of us have swum the kaiwi and many other Hawaii channels. bill goding is mr. maui channel! we are passionate about channel swimming in the aloha state. our captains have brought many ocean 7 swimmers across..Stephen Redmond, kim chambers, anna nordin, beth French, Michael ventre to name a few.

our main purpose is to make your swim as easy as possible . we go that extra mile to help with anything needed . we are looking forward to 'talking' with all of you. aloha



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