Sport "Purity" outside of Marathon Swimming

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This Stephen Colbert report came up on my YouTube feed just now, and I smiled in appreciation of how there is sport controversy in curling that is erring on the side of 'purity'. :) This related CBC article (Curling's broom controversy can't be swept away) even manages to work in the phrase frankenbroom, which is uncannily similar to our frankenwatch and frankengoggle discussions. :)

The Frankenbroom controversy of 2015 has sprouted a second head on the eve of curling's marquee events and could create tension between teams. [...] Brooms with brushheads featuring "artificially-textured" fabric and hard inserts were banned after almost 50 of the world's top teams declared they would not use them. The brooms were used to manipulate the trajectory of a thrown rock in unprecedented ways, and curlers were worried they would affect the integrity of the game.

I'm encouraged by this. We are not alone in our philosopies. :)

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