Duke Dahlin, 67 yrs old, 400 miles, new Polar Bear record

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Congrats to Duke Dahlin. His 400 miles in the Bay set a new record for the Dolphin Club's Polar Bear challenge. Here is a storify that a DC member put together about today's celebration of Duke's amazing accomplishment




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    Just...wow! Many, many congrats! Amazing!

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    Duke is just lovely as well. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy,

    For the uninitiated, the PB is a challenge at the DC that starts Dec 21 and ends Mar21. The goal is to swim 40 miles,( it used to be 20 but then we got saunas), all open water and it's supposed to be under 55 F.

    If you are an "old goat" you can qualify w 20, but obviously Duke went above and beyond!

    Years ago the record was something like 125.. then it went to 147 ( some of that 147 was done on what we call "tide rides- favorable tides that take you a long way w less effort, )and then George Kebbe hit 196 or something , all in the cove, all along the buoy line!! The line was drawn.

    Then George hit 255., all in the cove again. Yours truly went 256 the next year.. and George said, enough and smashed it with 356 miles the following year. A few years ago, Ralph Wentzel of Schubert's Bakery fame , matched George's record in the supreme show of sportsmanship. And there it stood , for about 10 years until yesterday when OBLITERATED it! Again, all in the cove ( except for a couple of club swims) . Couldn't happen to a nicer , more cheerful, helpful and wonderful man.
    And yes, he is 67.

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