The GPS Track Database Project

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Do you have any old GPS track data lying around in your hard drive? Consider contributing to the MSF GPS Track Database Project.

In the near future I will be launching a web-based interface for viewing historical swim tracks. You will be able to visualize data from swims around the world with interactive maps and statistical charts.

I've already coded the software -- now I just need to populate the database. Will you help?

Specifically, I'm looking for raw data exports from GPS devices such as SPOT, Garmin, Suunto, and DeLorme. Typically, these are files ending with .gpx, .tcx, .kml, .kmz, .csv, or .txt, downloaded from a web account such as, Garmin Connect, or Suunto Moves.

GPX or CSV files are preferred - but TCX, KML, and KMZ are also acceptable.

Please share your swim data! On your computer, it's nothing but bits & bytes. The MSF Track Database will bring your data to life, to inspire and inform fellow swimmers! If you submit data, I'll include you in the private beta launch of the web app.

If interested, please send the files as an email attachment to evan at marathonswimmers dot org

Cheers! It's going to be swim nerd heaven.

Example visualizations below, from Chloe McCardel's swim last year from Eleuthera to Nassau.



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