Spuyten Duyvil 10k - NYC

j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member

There's a new 10k on the calendar for those of you who like to go for a swim and then celebrate. Its scheduled for 9/10 in the Hudson River and its being produced by New York Open Water...the same people who brought you 8 Bridges. So far there is no sign up link available, just an announcement and a map that looks like it starts north and ends at our favorite cocktail post swim location - La Marina. Hopefully more information will be forthcoming from Mr. Barra and the effervescent Ms. Davies. We are a very excited to have a 10k back on the schedule in the Hudson as its super fun for those of us who have done these before and also provides a much needed building block for those who are progressing up the ladder on their way to becoming a marathon swimmer. Thanks New York Open Water!!!



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