New Menorca Channel record

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This past summer, the 21 of September of the 2015, Christian Jongeneel, beat the Menorca Channel record, 37,11 km with a time of 9:24'48" congratulations!!!!



  • BogdanZBogdanZ Bucharest, RomaniaMember

    Hi! Do you have some details about the cost and conditions to arrange a crossing of Menorca?
    I see the website, but there's regulation and no information about logistic (minim days there, eligible swim)/ cost/ water conditions (currents/temp/animals there..), minimum time in advance to book etc. i would prefer asking the association when I have a serious intention and sharing here would help others interested in the future, as well. TY, Bogdan

  • brunobruno Barcelona (Spain)Member

    In 2017 I sent them an email asking for similar questions. They answered the next day, saying "we'll send all the info in October" (that was in September). I chased them 3/4 times, but never got any other mail from them.

    I've been told (by people who know them personally) that they are very willing to help and give information. Perhaps I was not lucky, or didn't insist enough...

    As for water conditions: currents shouldn't be an issue, occasionally you may found some, but not relevant (and of course no tides); animals: jellyfish often found, usually the noctulica (not dangerous like box jelly, if you are stung by 2 or 3; but they hurt, and finding a shoal (do you say this with jellies?) would compromise the swim (they bloom in spring); temperature range is approx. 11 to 25ºC. I don't know any temperature database for Menorca, but this one for Barcelona would be very similar (it shows week of the year vs. temperature in ºC; black line is mean temp., blue line is actual temp. in 2018):

  • BogdanZBogdanZ Bucharest, RomaniaMember

    @bruno Thank you very much for your response. It covers very well all my questions.
    I was discussing with my wife this morning, before reading this, that this would be a very nice family holiday place also. It has all the advantages. I don't see why there have been so few swimmers there.
    Kind regards,

  • Framcisco_PonsFramcisco_Pons New Member
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    @BogdanZ Buenos dias la informacion de la pagina esta actualizada y en ella encontrareis un apartado para pedir toda la informacion que necesiteis, . Un saludo
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