Swim places/groups near Oak Island, North Carolina

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I will be in Oak Island, NC this coming June 4th for a week. Not familiar with this area at all as far as swimming. But need some ideas on good places to OW swim or groups that might go out. I will be in full training for some upcoming races that are 10 plus miles. So not training is not an option. Any ideas suggestions would be helpful.


  • SwimNCSwimNC Charlotte Member

    My inlaws live there near 58th St. I usually just jump in there (there's parking and an access point).

    As I'm sure you're aware, there were two shark bites this summer in OI. Both were of course near the fishing piers (which recently permitted shark fishing). There are at least three miles between the piers so there's plenty of room to train. Just watch out for the surf fisherman.

    Not aware of any groups in OI or Southport. Wilmington apparently has a good group organized out of one of the TRI shops.

    Also, if you need a pool, the closest I've found is at the local community college.


  • tortugatortuga Senior Member

    Contact Toad Hollow in Wilmington. Swim shop, base for OWS groups

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