Free SPOTs! (No really! Rebates up to $500)

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It seems that SPOT is clearing its inventory, and is currently offering a rebate up to $500 for its Gen 3, Global Phone, and Trace devices.

The text on the Canadian rebate form is: Limited-time offer effective 10/21/2015 through 12/31/2015. Purchase and activate a SPOT Global Phone for at least $499, a SPOT Gen3TM for at least $169 and/or a SPOT TraceTM for at least $119 on a qualifying service plan (excluding tax and shipping and after coupons and discounts). Requests must be postmarked by 01/30/2016.

US rebate information is here.

The "qualifying service plan" for SPOT involves unlimited tracking, which is $50 more than the basic plan.

Did I just save you a lot of money? You can buy me a drink next time we meet! ;-)

Also: this offer is probably an attempt to liquidate inventory. Someone at SPOT told me that Gen4 was due to be released in January, but I'm struggling to get details or clarification when I call customer support.



  • JenAJenA Charter Member

    Hey folks -- I'm just bumping this for all who felt their stocking could have been a little fuller this year. :)

    The "free SPOT" offer requires that you purchase before 2016. The SPOT is only "free" in that you need to purchase a qualifying service plan for the year.

    I still have no details from SPOT customer service on their next offering (not for lack of trying, either!).

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