Winter Swimming World Championships, Tyumen, Russia, 8-12 March 2016

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Can't find that anyone has posted this anywhere. Doubt I'll go, unless they need volunteers as I'm only a few hours flight away.

I've been to Tyumen. It's a cute town with plenty to do when you're not freezing your butt off in the river.

Their website is here. As most folks will require visas to go, I'd say jump on it if you're going to go. Only 55 days left to register.

(Deadline is either 1 December or just December, depending upon what website you're on. I've contacted the organizers to get an exact deadline and will post here once I hear back from them.)

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    Ok, I'm going Admin on this.

    Winter swimming IS NOT MARATHON SWIMMING. I perfectly understand the synergies between the two. Channel swimmers must deal with cold, therefore shorter cold events are attractive.

    But I am, as you may know, opposed the bullshit and often corrupt but mainly stupid and dangerous so-called sport of Ice Mile swimming, despite the mostly honourable number of people genuinely involved. I am opposed to a few people involved in the honourable and long practiced sport of Winter Swimming (which is becoming too closely associated with Ice Mile swimming), using it as a platform to pretend that it and they are actual marathon swimmers. I am opposed those people pretending that their bullshit cold water relay is harder than a Channel swim. I am opposed specifically to how this has happened with and corrupted the IISA.

    So I'm locking this thread until I discuss later with Evan whether we remove it.


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