GPS watches for tracking distance and time of open water swims



  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member

    @Flotsam thanks for the recommendation. I bought the Coros for $200 and I'll see how that goes. But nice to know that there is a garmin that i can't out swim that isn't totally ridiculously priced. Swim Happy!

  • ruthruth New Jersey, USAMember

    @j9swim said:
    So my Garmin Swim2 is done after 2.3 years....the gps doesn't even get me through a 10k before running out of battery and yes I've talked to customer service.
    So here's the functionality I'm looking for and preferably not over say $400 USD - good for pool (be able to change pool lengths 25y/25M/50m), change watch faces for what i like to see when swimming, be able to set intervals for OWS, do sleep/steps/cardio, be able to review on my iphone and have a decent battery life...
    Anyone using COROS - what's your experience?
    Any other brands i should look at?

    I've hit my Swim 2 on a laneline and sheared the watch band off the face. Twice. Garmin has replaced it twice. Before you buy a new watch you could go for a swim with a lane hog and see if you can't get a replacement out of them.

  • CuptCupt DFW, TexasNew Member

    I went with the Forerunner 255 and got all the swim functionality you would want. Creating workouts, pool and open water, etc. $300

  • NZL1NZL1 AucklandNew Member

    Looking for a watch for open-water use with a seemingly simple set of reqs:

    • Stopwatch
    • Water temp
    • Water depth (for occasional free diving)

    That’s all I need. If it also has more specialised swimming functionality like GPS tracker etc, then that’s a bonus but not essential.

    But I can’t seem to find anything for sensible budget.

    The Garmin Swim 2 misses on water temp and depth.

    Only the far more expensive Garmin Descent range does that but it’s more geared for scuba than free diving.

    Until now I used my trustworthy Casio Seapathfinder which met all my reqs. But it’s now given up and discontinued.

    Any suggestions?

  • NZL1NZL1 AucklandNew Member
    edited August 2023

    Add compass to my short list of requirements. This morning we had quite a thick morning mist over the harbour meaning I lost sight of land about 250m out. The Casio Seapathfinder has / had that function.

    So what’s the best option out there

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