Lake Argyle, Western Australia

Hi Everyone,
Is anyone considering swimming the 20km Lake Argyle (Western Australia) swim solo in May 2016?

I am currently looking into boat hire and sourcing a skipper and wondering if anyone would like to pair up and rest a boat together?

Cheers, Maev.


  • JellyfishwhispererJellyfishwhisperer Melbourne Australia Member

    hi Maev, I am NOT a fast swimmer but would be very happy to pair up if its suitable? I average 23min/km.

  • Hi!
    I am registered in the 20km solo. It sold out in two hours. Did you register? I have managed to organise a tinny and a kayak.

    Are you registered?

    (sorry for the late reply).

  • JellyfishwhispererJellyfishwhisperer Melbourne Australia Member

    hi Maev, yes I did but for 10km solo. I need more training to happily swim 20k. I opted to hire kayak on registration as well so hope it will be there. Have you done this lake swim before? Are there really crocs? Sorry for the late reply too, I have now changed the notifications so I get an email as well :) thanks Shien

  • Hi Shien,
    That's great you're registered. It sold out so quickly. Don't worry, I don't think anyone can 'happily' swim 20km can they? I'm exhausted training! Apparently there are crocodiles...just freshwater ones and I don't think it'll be mating season...It'll be fine! :)
    Hopefully see you there!


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