Swimmers in Vancouver

CoppermillCoppermill TravellingMember
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I'm visiting Vancouver, BC next week, anyone got any places for some long (2-3 hours) training swims? Or anyone fancy meeting up for a long swim?



  • JenAJenA Charter Member

    Normally, I am delighted to play welcoming committee any time a swimmer comes to my neck of the woods, but I'm in physio mode at the moment. :(

    The Kitsilano Pool is unspeakably beautiful, outdoors, and 137m long. It's worth the trip. :-)

    VOWSA (Vancouver Open Water) swims Mondays and Thursdays until September.


    Or, send me a personal message, if you're looking for more, and I can try to connect you to individuals.

  • jonahhollandjonahholland Richmond, VAMember

    I'm visting Vancouver later in July and hope to swim with this group. Thanks for posting! Looks like you'll have some great races while I'm up that way too. @JenA do you recomend the Kitsilano Challenge or the HTO Thetis Lake swim? Any guess on the water temp for the last week in July. Typically I don't like to wear a wetsuit, would that be crazy? I'm used to swiming in San Francisco without one, but not sure how much colder this is.

  • JenAJenA Charter Member
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    Hey @jonahholland! Be-earlied welcome to Vancouver! :)

    Here are two buoys you can keep your eyes on for water temperature:


    I think @msathlete can probably answer all your questions about Thetis Lake. I've never done either, so I can't speak to them.

  • msathletemsathlete Victoria, British Colubia, CanadaMember

    I've done swims in both English Bay and Thetis Lake. English Bay is about 18C right now, as is much of the Strait of Georgia. Thetis is a similar temperature. So I think it's all about what kind of adventure you are looking for - salty or salt free!

  • jbsjbs Member

    I'd second the recommendation for the Kitsilano Pool. "Unspeakably beautiful" might actually undersell it a little.

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