"Blonde in Deep Water" by Lucy Wood, the story of Brenda Fisher, Channel Swimmer

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In 1951, Brenda Fisher, a young secretary and trawlerman’s daughter, swam the English Channel in just over 12 hours – becoming the fastest woman in history to do so. She went on to smash records the world over and became a sporting
heroine, inspiring many more to follow in her footsteps.

“A Channel swim is and always will be a battle of one small, lone swimmer against the savage vastness of the open sea. Brenda’s name was on every tongue and she was the toast not only of Grimsby, but of the whole nation. Brenda was very much a pioneer.”
Michael Read, president of the Channel Swimming Association.

I asked the author to inform me when the book is available on Amazon. It is now, on amazon.co.uk. You can also buy it direct from the author here.

According to the author, "Brenda has self-funded the publication of this book." Thought I'd pass this on as I'm always willing to support literature on this sport.

Sounds like an interesting story, and if I can ever find a copy that can ship to me, I'll buy it.

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