Vicki Keith on 80km of butterfly, and the rules

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Vicki Keith wrote:

"I didn't keep track of my my training distances during that time, but the 12 months before I completed the butterfly summer of 1989 and the 12 months before I completed the 50 mile butterfly swim, I never swam a stroke of any thing but butterfly. My greatest fear was in a moment of exhaustion or confusion that I would take a stroke of freestyle thus nullifying the record. I took an extra precaution during my swims by treading water against my forward motion during feedings. I would rather swim extra distance than not complete the record completely. There weren't specific rules in regard to challenges like these back then, so I created the most stringent rules I could imagine to ensure I completed the goal as stated."

Vicki's attitude inspires me. Don't figure out how to skirt the rules to make your swim easier; write your own rules to make your swim fair and true. :-)



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