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Interested in talking to anyone targeting MIMS in 2016.



  • Cole_GCole_G PhiladelphiaMember

    It is definitely something I am thinking about

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    I am also thinking of swimming MIMs in 2016 as well. When do signups usually open?

  • First thing is to set up an populate your profile. The website is NOT intuitive at all. You'll want a few of your workouts, a few of your "historical" swims and... an essay. Yes, an essay. Just like high school. Dot your " I"s and cross your "T' s. When the application period opens you want to have the ENTIRE application completed. Don't wait til the day of to start filling out your profile. It takes FOREVER.
    Have your CC handy.. There are boat fees, there is an application fee, there is a voluntary donation to SWIMFREE... What the format will be in 2016 is anyones guess, but FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE. :)
    I've done it 3 times.. so I'm pretty good at it.

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    @suziedods is correct - it is not one afternoon job to put in the application. An application will not be considered until everything except medical and qualifying swim is in. For that reason, I did my 1h postal swim as soon as possible. The slots for swims are on the first come first serve bases - first come means first who has everything uploaded first.

    What you need is quite well described on the initial website : http://www.nycswim.org/Event/Event.aspx?event_id=2502&from=procedures and then in the FAQs: http://www.nycswim.org/Event/Event.aspx?Event_ID=2502&from=policies#804

    I find the website very intuitive but I think it is because I work a lot with computers and do research where everything is structured very similarly.

    I actually have already date for 2016. I have filled out my application for 2016 last fall and I was the only one who wanted 2016 and had everything ready before Christmas (even though deadline is January 15), so I was already given a date. Because I was first, I was given the best date for my speed (I did not have to fight over it with anyone). I am slow, so faster people might not even want to swim on my date because the currents would not favor them. I believe there are about 3 swimmers max for given date (cluster of 3-4 days).

    Here are some pointers:

    1) You have to pick at least 2-3 crew members, they also have to register on NYCswim.org and they have to accept being your crew. It was the hardest thing ever to have other people register there who are not swimmers. Don't pick more crew because you want to keep open slots for later when you actually finalize your crew. Those crew members who register at the beginning don't have to be your actual crew at the end.

    2) Workouts : I communicate with my coach via google spreadsheet and all my workouts are written in very specific details with suggested and achieved times. I uploaded only a link to that workout spreadsheet and made sure that it works.

    3) 1h postal swim: Get it done as soon as you can. Don't wait for official January postal swim. You need to have that uploaded for the application to be complete.

    4) Essay: Write a good one. Have it proofread by friends. It should be obvious that you care about swimming. Here is an example of mine: https://martinkap.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/my-mims-manhattan-island-marathon-swim-2016-essay/

    5) Your swim history uploaded to nycswim.org: Be thorough - this is your swimming resume. It might be not as easy to fill everything out. It needs links to results etc. This can be done before the application time opens. You want the swim history to be accepted. Or you swam the channel. Then it might be easy for you.

    Note: The website nycswim.org works better on Chrome than on Safari for me - I have Apple Mac.

    Good luck everyone!


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    Thanks for all the info

  • FedericoLangFedericoLang Malaga - SpainMember

    Does anyone know if the MIMS enrollment is still open for 2016?
    I used to have the option to enroll for the MIMS 2016 in my profile. But it is no longer there.
    Also the schedule here http://www.nycswim.org/Event/Event.aspx?event_id=2502&from=timeline
    seems outdated.
    Does anyone have more recent info?
    Thanks much!

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    My biggest problem in the past was getting my crew members to accept being a crew member on a timely basis. You are in a consideration limbo until that is done. Once that is done they can get around to reviewing the other required documents. Timing may not be as critical under the new system but it just adds to the stress.
    No matter what the results of the 1 hour swim are very important in determining what day you swim, or participate in the race day(s) if they have one.

  • MIMS 2016 is still in flux. Just remember that it's ALL on Morty's timeline.. not yours. Site was not updated.The way it worked last year was different from previous years. There were several small group swims and one large 'race". He picked the small group swims to have people of similar speeds go together so the tides could be timed to those swimmers. The date for mine was not finalized til about 3 weeks prior to the swim. That makes it incredibly difficult to get crew and of course more expensive to get flights.

  • JayJay Outside Boston, MAMember

    I've got a "submitted" entry but the whole process is very frustrating in that the website has links for 2016 but when you click those you pull up info for 2015. When my crew members were entered, they immediately got several hostile messages that were auto-generated

  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member

    as someone who went thru months of silence from nycswim last year i know it can be very frustrating. my advice is to focus on training, its all you can control and have faith that if you do your part he'll do his. it is his timeline and process and for all the kvetching that goes on about this try to remember that in 2015 over 30 people jumped in the Hudson and EVERYONE finished and was safe. and when the giant staten island ferry is coming at you on the way to the dock or the cruise ship is pulling out and you're this little dot in a big river not use to seeing a swimmer its nice to know that the person running the show has decades of expereince doing this.
    I hope y'all hear from the wizard soon and that you have as perfect a day in the rivers as i was lucky enough to get!

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    Good luck to all MIMS 2016 applicants.

    I was one of three swimmers assigned to the first swim 2015 date in June. As @j9swim said Morty did indeed come through and the swim did happen and Morty clearly knows how to put this swim on in a safe manner. I know that there were a lot of swimmers on later dates who were reassured that Morty came through for the first swim date. The communication silence for me was from January until 3 days before my swim date in June. I risked a large amount of money and the stress was immense. In the end it was just a relief to be in the water and get the whole event over with. I do, however, still await the promised certificate and glass momento.

  • My relay team from the SF Dolphin Club completed all the necessary information on the MIMS website in 2015. No reply. What's the chances there will be any MIMS swims this year? So frustrating for myself and team members. No used to getting no reply. Lake George marathon swim is "wait list only" at this time. Does anyone know if there will be any MIMS relays this year?

  • Does anybody know when will all the 2016 applicants will have a swimming date? I uploaded all my information but I don´t have any clue on the date to be assigned. It is frustrating as we can´t pay any flight expenses and the crew needs to know that too.
    If someone have any close encounter with Morty, please ask him when will he or anybody from the NYC swim will upload the dates.
    Thank you very much

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    @pavlikov Really enjoyed reading your essay! Hope you get to swim MIMS this year! At this point I don't see anything that long on my horizon, but I can truly appreciate your initial struggle with open water, your persistence in staying with it, and even enjoying the experience. I learned to swim in a salt water setting but stil sometimes get seasick, especially if the swim is longer than a mile or two (gradually getting to be less of a problem, but i can only imagine the shock of experiencing a salt water environment for the first time as an adult!!) https://martinkap.wordpress.com/2014/12/14/my-mims-manhattan-island-marathon-swim-2016-essay/

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber

    Just an interesting note.. the site nycswim.org seems to have gone dead.

  • JayJay Outside Boston, MAMember

    I have sent an email to them requesting refund of my $250 deposit FROM NOVEMBER - if that doesn't work, I am going back to my credit card company and will have them dispute the charge.

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber

    @Jay ,I think you should be able to get that back as well any "donation " to NYC Swim.
    Sadly, I fear the Morty may not be well again but it's no way to run a business or an event.

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    Websites, including this one, can go temporarily offline for any number of reasons. It's the nature of the interwebs. No need to panic.

  • JayJay Outside Boston, MAMember

    No panic here --- after jumping through hoops in November to enter and submit everything, there was not one iota of communication from NYCSWIM. Every entrant is still in "Submitted" status with the same basic four requirements still outstanding - medical (which cost me extra due to the required chest x-ray), qualifying swim, essay, and workout log. In addition, the entire site still shows information from 2015 event, even though the links indicate 2016. Not to mention the barrage of emails my support crew received the minute I enrolled in November. So, no communication, no updates on the site for the entrants, and no information with regard to the 2016 event. They were VERY timely in charging my credit card though. And now the website cannot be accessed. No panic, just extreme frustration, anger, and disappointment that someone or some group can be so inconsiderate of nearly 30 people who have held up their side of the bargain. No excuse. I could go on, but will save that for my dealings with credit card company and NYCSWIM, should they have the courtesy to reply.

  • HelbeHelbe Senior Member

    NYC Swim aka Morty incommunicado. Unbelievable...no, wait...completely believable!

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    Website back up but no updates that I can see.

  • Nope! No updates. Don't know what Morty is going thru, but seems others on the determining committee could help him out? Would be considerate to let people know in a timely fashion. So many resources involved to reserve and make preps for. I'm in the states, I can't imagine what people from other counties are thinking...

  • HelbeHelbe Senior Member

    Any updates on MIMS this year? I would like to know if Morty is in contact with anyone please. Not much to see on the NYCSwim website.

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    Try NYOW.

  • ambrauambrau Anchorage, AKMember

    Myself and a couple others are scheduled to do MIMS on 7/27 (Morty gave us a window of 7/27-8/2). Swim is paid for an all information is submitted (even though its not updated on the site).

    That being said, I have not actually heard from Morty since 2015... Slightly concerning? YES. I'm coming in from out of state so I already have everything booked. I'm telling myself it will work out based on how things went down last year -- Morty showing up last minute for the paid-for swims at least....

    BUT... it sounds like nobody has heard anything about MIMS this year or anything from Morty...

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    I see they have added a swim on September 12th for 2 people. I think that is new since the last time I looked at the website. _

  • pavlicovpavlicov NYC USASenior Member

    Not true. They have been there since early 2015. One of them applied in the Fall 2014 for 2016 date.

    JustSwim said:
    I see they have added a swim on September 12th for 2 people. I think that is new since the last time I looked at the website. _

  • HelbeHelbe Senior Member

    I am so sad people are going through the same stresses I and others experienced last year.

  • JayJay Outside Boston, MAMember

    I was frustrated beyond belief and withdrew from the event a few months ago. I'm working with my credit card company to submit a claim as my requests for refund have gone nowhere. Truly unacceptable the way nearly 30 people have been treated (ignored). Everything online as recently as a few days ago still showed in "submitted" status, which is the same as when I put in all the info last NOVEMBER, more than seven months ago. The website has links to 2016 but all that pulls up is 2015 info. Considering the cost and logistics involved for those entered, it is astounding that people can be treated so disrespectfully. It really screws up plans for participation in other events when this one is in such flux. Food for thought- if there's an "Application Committee" why weren't some duties of applicant review delegated to those individuals? Unacceptable.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    @Jay said: Food for thought- if there's an "Application Committee" why weren't some duties of applicant review delegated to those individuals? Unacceptable.

    There isn't.

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber

    There used to be... quite a stellar group of folks.. one of whom ( @evmo) called me to remind me that I had not put my Catalina swim in my 2013 application. .. There was a selection committee that , on what I assume was a group conference call , went over the submitted applications. That was just 3 years ago.

  • SwimdeanSwimdean Sydney AustraliaMember

    We are a group of Sydney based Swimmers waiting for some sign from NY that we are confirmed for the MIMS? We are all English channel swimmers and intend to do Catalina in a few weeks. We join the chorus of angry potential MIMSers about the absence of any communication from the organizers for the past 7 months but will cut to the chase.
    This is a very expensive exercise and especially so for overseas candidates. Can anyone tell us if there is another way of completing the Manhattan Island circumnavigation and have it recognized for the triple crown.

  • david_barradavid_barra NYCharter Member

    Swimdean said:
    We are a group of Sydney based Swimmers waiting for some sign from NY that we are confirmed for the MIMS? We are all English channel swimmers and intend to do Catalina in a few weeks. We join the chorus of angry potential MIMSers about the absence of any communication from the organizers for the past 7 months but will cut to the chase.
    This is a very expensive exercise and especially so for overseas candidates. Can anyone tell us if there is another way of completing the Manhattan Island circumnavigation and have it recognized for the triple crown.

    In the works....


    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

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    Abbey Brau is currently making her way around Manhattan on track.rs/ambrau. This is an NYC Swim-organized solo MIMS. Go Abbey!

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber

    And it's BACKWARDS! Tracker shows her at 6.5KPH ..!! Sweeet!

  • JaimieJaimie NYCMem​ber

    This is so cool, looks like she is almost done and the start started/will end on a little Island called Mill Rock Island just off the Upper East Side. I never knew about this island but according to Wikipedia it looks like it's owned by the NY Parks Department and hasn't been open to people since the 1960's!

  • pavlicovpavlicov NYC USASenior Member
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    Abbey swim was the same counter-clock wise direction as most of others but her start was at 96th street.

  • ambrauambrau Anchorage, AKMember

    The swim went off SO well! Was very lucky that pretty much everything that could go wrong, went RIGHT! Started/ended at E 96th street to hit tides in my favor -- only hit chop in the battery :)

    Saw @pavlicov cheering midway through and love the support of this community! Thank you!

    I finished in 7 hours and 23 min. :)

  • JenAJenA Charter Member
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    It seems the final goodbye has been posted to NYCswim.org. Unfortunately, all the event results are now inaccessible. Here's the text, for the archives.


    After serving the New York community for over twenty years, the founders of NYC Swim decided to, with mixed emotions, hang up their caps and googles.

    Organizing open water swims has always been a labor of love, and it is time to pass the proverbial baton to the next generation. In 1993, when Drury Gallagher and MISA decided to close up shop after a decade of service, our merry band of volunteers stepped up to fill the vacuum as we could not imagine the annual Manhattan Swim disappearing from the calendar.

    And now, swimmers in our region and around the world are fortunate, that New York Open Water has chosen to do the same and will continue to organize the swim around Manhattan under its own banner.

    At the height of our group's popularity, swimmers were afforded the opportunity to swim around the Statue of Liberty, Governors Island and of course, Manhattan. They could swim down the Hudson as part of the Little Red Lighthouse Swim; across the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge; and to Sandy Hook as part of the Ederle Swim.

    When we first began, swimming in New York's waterways was considered a laughable activity often met with much consternation. Now as we depart, the NYC metropolitan area is served by numerous groups which organize river based events annually. If you wish to experience New York from a completely unique perspective, then please check the following organization that schedule events annually, including but not limited to: CIBBOWS, NYC Triathlon, New York Open Water, New Amsterdam City Swim, River Pool at Beacon, Urban Swim, and Lady Liberty Sharkfest Swim.

    Why are we leaving the open water stage? After twenty plus years of missing family events, seeing dear ones pass and having key members of the team having to focus on their personal health challenges, it was time to close the book. With so many open water swim options available and more being planned on the horizon, our community's hunger for swims will easily be satisfied.

    A huge thanks to the fantastic volunteers who have assisted over the years; the events and the participant memories would not have happened without your assistance and amazing support.

    It was a great run.


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