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I'll use this thread for occasional tips on using the Forum. Feel free to ask questions or report bugs here, too.

Tip #1: How to edit a Forum post

You can edit your own Forum comments for up to 24 hours after you initially post them. Here how to do it:

  • Click the little "gear" icon in the top-right corner of your post.
  • Click 'Edit' from the drop-down menu.
  • Edit your post.
  • Click 'Save Comment.'

If you need to edit a comment after the 24-hour limit has expired, please send a request to myself or @loneswimmer.


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    Tip #2: Sending private messages

    One of the benefits of registering as a Forum member (rather than just lurking) is the private messaging system. You can send a private message (PM) to any Forum member (the list of members is HERE). You can even have a "conversation" with multiple other Forum members at the same time!

    To send someone a PM, click their username anywhere it appears (within threads, or from the member list), which takes you to their profile. Click "Message" near the top-right of their profile page. This will take you another page where you can type your message and send it.

    Alternatively, you can go to your Forum inbox, then click "New Message," then add recipients manually.

    On the new message screen, you can add multiple recipients to start a conversation.

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    Tip #2.1: Replying to private messages

    When you receive a private message from another Forum member, you will receive an email notification (unless you have turned these off in your notification preferences).

    The Forum private messaging system does not support "reply via email." So, you can't simply reply to the email notification from your personal email client, and expect the other person to get your message.

    Please always use your Forum inbox to reply to messages! :)

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    Tip #3: Infinite Scrolling

    Infinite scrolling is the feature that automatically loads new threads on the main Discussions page when you scroll to the bottom of the page. It saves you from having to click, to view the next page of threads.

    You can enable or disable this feature in your profile, by checking (or unchecking) the box labeled "Enable Infinite Scrolling." It is enabled by default.

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    Tip #4: Member Profiles

    Every Forum member has a profile:

    which can be edited here:

    We encourage members to fill out their profiles -- it's nice to know a little about each other, yes? -- but ultimately it's your choice. You can fill out any, all, or none of the suggested fields (real name, age, occupation, location, past swims, website, etc.).

    Member profiles are NOT viewable by non-Forum members or anyone who isn't logged in.

    Add a photo to your profile by going here:

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    Tip #5: Email Notifications

    Did you know? You can have the Forum send you automated email notifications when:

    • someone writes on your wall.
    • someone replies to your wall comments.
    • someone sends you a private message.
    • someone comments on your discussion.
    • someone comments on your bookmarked discussion.
    • someone mentions you (e.g., @loneswimmer)

    You can view and modify your notification preferences here:

    Tip #5.1: Popup Notifications

    In addition or instead of receiving email notifications, you can choose to receive "popup" notifications of the above-listed events. When you log into the Forum, a small popup message will appear in the top menu.

    Popups are also controlled from this page:

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    Tip #6: Most Popular Recent Threads

    You can always find the most popular (i.e., most viewed) recent Forum discussions - over the past day, week, month, and quarter - in the sidebar of the main MSFed homepage at This can be a useful tool for browsing the latest Forum activity if you haven't checked in for a while.

    The most popular thread lists are updated once daily.

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    Tip #7: Email Subscriptions

    We provide the following options to stay abreast of the latest Forum activity via email, RSS, and Twitter:

    All of these options are available to anyone, regardless of whether you are a registered Forum member.

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    I laughed that everyone who sent feedback about a recent comment about Donald Trump was careful to specify that they are "not a Trump supporter"... but that being said:

    Tip #8: Politics and Religion

    Just don't, please? Unless specifically swimming related. Plenty of other internet forums for that.

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  • BogdanZBogdanZ Bucharest, RomaniaMember

    Hi Evmo, I noticed i cannot write (initiate) a post and recently i can't even search in the forum. Do know the reason? Thank you.

  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
    edited January 2018

    Hi @BogdanZ, welcome to the Forum. As described in the Forum Member Guide, New Members are restricted from creating new discussions until they have commented on at least one existing discussion - which you have now done - congrats!

    The search box has been temporarily disabled. In the meantime you can search the forum with a Google site search:

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    Tip #9

    In the interest of keeping things tidy around here, please avoid posting identical content to multiple threads. Either choose one single thread that best fits your topic, or start a new one. If you need to refer to other threads, please link to them instead. Duplicate posts will be deleted. Thanks.

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