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Yesterday I was doing some open water training and took a 5 mile route that has the turn-around about 1/2 mile up a secluded arm of the lake. Not too many people go up there, usually just fisherman & kaykaers. When I got to the buoy that marks the turn around, there was a boat tied to the buoy. I stopped, checked my watch to make sure I wasn't being my usual slothful self and then said Hi to the 2 middle-aged couples in the boat. Turns out that their engine had died and they were stuck. They had been there for about 45 minutes and hadn't seen anyone to help them. Although they hadn't yet drawn straws to see who they would cannibalize to survive, it was clear that the wife of the couple that owned the boat was going to kill her husband in the very near future. In the interest of saving a life, I had them throw me a long rope attached to the bow, I tied it around my waist and then swam them the 1/2 mile out to the main channel of the lake where another boat agreed to give them a tow. Since I am a hip-driven swimmer and not an arm-driven swimmer, having my hips encumbered like that forced me to use my arms and I got a pretty stiff resistance workout for my arms. (Also got a bit of a nasty rope chaffing as well.) I'd actually like to do something like this as a workout occasionally, but dragging my 16' canoe wouldn't be nearly the same as dragging a good-sized boat.

I know Jack Lalanne used to do all kinds of stunts like this and found a few pictures of it as well.


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    The hard part is trying to find a middle-aged couple to volunteer their time. (And in world of the Half Century Club, what the heck passes for middle aged these days?)
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    @Leonard_Jansen - Your account was both humorous and a bit awe inspiring. You almost with your humor, made light of what was becoming a desperate situation for this couple and also minimized your great physical effort put forth, and the incredible good deed that you performed for this couple who must have been incredulous at their good fortune, and your prowess...It reminded me of the story of Team Hoyt - the man who teamed with his handicapped son for Ironman competitions around the world. The video of this father, towing his son in a boat, for the 2 mile swim, was so emotional. You are to be commended, and that husband owes you his life!!!! Job well done.
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    Leonard's excellent adventure was featured today on the Daily News of Open Water Swimming (though, to be clear, he didn't seek the recognition):


    Well done, Leonard - our reluctant, dry-witted hero :-)
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