Marnaton: Open Water Races in Spain (Barcelona and Costa Brava)

mauprietomauprieto New Orleans, LAMember

Hi all. In case you will be in Spain this summer, or in case you want an excuse to go, you might want to consider signing up to one of Marnaton's open water races. Marnaton has been organizing open water races since 2008 in some of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. We'll have around 3500 / 4000 swimmers participating in the various races this year.

This year's program:

May 9th: Barcelona - 2km solo and 8km relays
June 7th: Begur - 7km
June 27th: St Feliu de Guixols - 6km
September 19th: Cadaqués - 6.5km

If you were to choose 1, go to Cadaqués, my favorite town in Spain and my favourite swim spot in the world. After the swim, there is a great party that starts at 10pm and lasts until 6am. There are trophies for the fastest swimmers and for the wildest partiers. There is lots of competition for both :-)

Here is a video to whet your appetite:




  • All wetsuits, surely the water isn't that cold?

    Agree they sound fun, though could do with taking it out to 10k+.

  • mauprietomauprieto New Orleans, LAMember

    @WarmWater, @Niek is right. The water temp is very pleasant, between 18C and 20C. The Marnaton organization allows for non-wetsuits for those swimmers that have proven cold water experience, but for the rest, it requires wetsuits. This is more for security reasons, given that there are 1000 swimmers in the water.

    Regarding the 10K+ distance, Marnaton had a few 10K+ races in past years (Menorca, Sitges) but the number of swimmers participating in these was below expectations.

  • mauprietomauprieto New Orleans, LAMember

    Hi folks. Just wanted to let you know that we opened the registrations for this year's races. After a couple of days, we already have 1750 swimmers signed up. If you're interested, I recommend to sign up soon because we will run out of spots. Here is the link to register:

    The dates and locations of the races are:

    May 7th - Barcelona - 2km
    June 12th - Begur - 7km
    July 2nd - Sant Feliu- 6km
    September 17th - Cadaqués - 6.5km

    Video of Marnaton so that you get the feeling of what it's about:

    The four locations are beautiful. My favorite of the 4 races might be Cadaqués, though. It's in a beautiful fishing village near the border of France and the entire weekend of the race is very fun. Here is the video of last year's Cadaqués swim:

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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