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Without wishing to reignite any of these discussion, does anyone by any chance have screen grabs / hard copies of the DN blog posts / comments relating to the warm water drip device? I've got the urls, but the posts seem to have been deleted and I wanted to check a couple of quotes and details that I'd written down from there.



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    the posts seem to have been deleted

    of course they have.

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    On my blog I saved the section of her blog where her crew mentions "Diana has gotten very cold, so the handlers were not stopping her to eat and drink overnight in the hopes that swimming would keep her warm" and "Monday, 7:30 a.m., Swim time: 46:31...When the whistle blew for Diana’s first feeding stop since before midnight..."

    Unsure if that's what you need, @KarenT.

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    Many thanks all - I finally managed to dig up what I was looking for courtesy of the Way Back Machine (thanks @Niek). It's true - nothing is ever truly deleted!

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