Anyone familiar with Open Water groups in the Atlanta,GA Area?

ChrisgreeneChrisgreene Mercersburg PA/Atlanta, GAMember

I've been training in pools and would love to get some open water swims in on a regular basis;thanks.


  • SpacemanspiffSpacemanspiff Dallas, TexasSenior Member


    Try C.O.W.S. (Chattanooga Open Water Swimmers) It's not Atlanta, but pretty close. They probably have plenty of cross-over with the Atlanta community. Karah Nazor (RD for Swim the Suck) is on the board there. She's very active in the OW community and quite helpful/friendly. I'm sure she could hook you up. I PM'ed you with her email address.

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  • ChrisgreeneChrisgreene Mercersburg PA/Atlanta, GAMember

    Thanks, I know Karen; I swam The Suck last year and I'm entered this year too; great event!

  • mjstaplesmjstaples Atlanta, GA, USSenior Member

    Hey Chris, what part of Atlanta are you? I have been looking for other swimmers in the lake Lanier area but have only found a couple. I am planning lake Tahoe this year so I'll be out there just about every Sunday morning. I would even be happy to kayak for you.

  • mjstaplesmjstaples Atlanta, GA, USSenior Member

    If you are closer to allatoona, I know there is a triathlete group that meets sat mornings at red top mtn (Dallas landing I think). They put out buoys and have kayaks on the water.

  • ChrisgreeneChrisgreene Mercersburg PA/Atlanta, GAMember

    I'm in Suwanee so I'm close to Lanier; when/where do you swim there? I'm doing SCAR swim in a couple of weeks.

  • mjstaplesmjstaples Atlanta, GA, USSenior Member

    I'm currently swimming at van Pugh park south in flowery branch on Sunday mornings. There is a nice little cove-ish area. I try to get in around 8 so im done before the boaters come out. Water is at 61 now. I work in Lawrenceville so I also plan to hit Mary Alice park in Buford some afternoons as it get closer to my swim date

  • ChrisgreeneChrisgreene Mercersburg PA/Atlanta, GAMember

    Thanks! I'm going to try to get there this Sunday, it may be my last chance before my next swim May 6-10th

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