The beaches of Llanes challenge in Asturias, Spain 25th July

itsjustanaliasitsjustanalias Asturias, SpainMember

The event is the IV Desafío de las Playas de Llanes (Beaches of Llanes challenge). It’s a non competitive 8km swim along the stunning East coast of Asturias in the north of Spain. It’s one of the few longer swims in the Cantabrian sea where a wetsuit is not obligatory (not saying that the Spaniards are wusses but…). Sea temps last year were 18-19C.

It’s on the 25th of July, signup is open from the 23//3, it costs €30 (plus €11 if you want to join the traditional meal afterwards).

Details (in Spanish) are at and I’m happy to assist in translating if necessary.



  • I had a great holiday in Llanes 35 years ago.... they have wicked home made scrumpy. The seas are quite wild and cool being the Bay of Biscay but great once you're in. I might just take a look....

  • itsjustanaliasitsjustanalias Asturias, SpainMember

    One week left to sign up for this swim. Maybe you've missed out on a swim and you have a free weekend, maybe you'd like to come to the unspoilt Northern coast of Spain, maybe you're burned out from competing and want a small scale non-competitive challenge... maybe you like cider (the "national" drink here)...

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