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I'm relatively new to open water swimming (4 years, my longest swim to date is 5K) and I was hoping to complete a ~45-55km swim across my local lake (Lac La Ronge in Northern Saskatchewan) the first week of August, 2015. This leaves me 18 weeks to train. I just have a few questions with regards to training and logistics:

1. If I was planning on swimming 25-30km each for 2 days, would my weekly mileage for training be 55km or 30km (my longest day)? Also, the 75% rule; would that apply to the 30km or total distance covered? Am I crazy to think I can go from a 55km/month mileage to a 55km swim in 4 months time?

2. I'm the only open water swimmer in the area right now and I am familiar with the first half of the swim; the other half is >15-20km of open water and apparently the winds and chop can get quite rough. There are a ton of locals that boat on the lake- does any of their experience with current etc translate to swimming? Are there any other questions I should be asking?

3. The ice will come off at the end of May/early June. Water temperature will likely be fluctuating btw 60-70 degrees. I was hoping to get in as soon as there is enough water to submerge myself in--- any tips for those first few acclimatization swims? Should I be trying to start things off with a wetsuit like I've done in previous years?

4. I measured it as 45km in straight lines, in there a formula to add in my navigation blunders and zig-zag swimming, or current/wind assistance?

Anything other advice would be awesome!


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    Congrats @dtat! I just read about your success!

    (FWIW, sorry there was no response to your post above. I can't believe I missed it.)


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