Novel way to contain grease, pre-measured feed powders

JenAJenA Charter Member
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I was just at the pharmacy picking up a compounded (medication mixed into lotion) prescription, and it came in a really cool jar. These jars struck me as perfect for OWS!

Company Product Page:

The neat thing is that you can press into the bottom of the jar to make the contents squeeze out of the top -- sort of like a toothpaste tube, or a syringe, but in a jar format. Personally, I'd want a larger one for grease, and 20 or so smaller ones for carbs. The smaller ones could each hold 50 grams of carbs (my pre-measured amount), and once the white cap is removed, the contents could *easily* be tipped into a water bottle/jug for mixing, even on a pitching boat.

I'm going to ask my pharmacy if they can order some in for me, or perhaps just sell me a supply.
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