Marathon Swimming Discussion @ Sports Basement (Presidio) 2pm March 21 (Saturday)

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Morning all,
Chris Blakeslee and I are going to have an in person forum on Mar 21 2015. This will be an opportunity to talk in person about alot of the topics on the forum, feeding, training, training tools,as well as sharing other tips and bits.
Please rsvp to me or @Sharko so we can get an idea of numbers and maybe even sort out a mentoring.
This will NOT be random thoughts tossed about but when we have some RSVP's I will send out an agenda. I think we have the space for 90 min.

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  • jkormanikjkormanik Boise, IdahoMember
    Is there any way those of us not in the bay area can either phone in to hear the discussion or, perhaps, set up a Google Chat to participate??
  • Oy.. I have no idea how to do that. There was a request to video it to you tube.. but again.. the editing involved.. I have no idea. I am planning on #1- having an agenda and #2- a list of topics and #2- at least taking notes. THAT I will be happy to share here. Hell, the water is skirting 58F, come out for the weekend and get some swimming in.. I have a couch you are welcome to crash on.

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  • SharkoSharko Tomales BayGuest
    I will check with sports basement on filming it...they seem to have some equipment....but for 90 minutes and who would watch it?!?...might be better to have a volunteer write a synoptic of the questions and answers...any volunteers coming....a free TBWSSA shirt would be part of that deal!!!

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    Great initiative guys and I look forward to organizing the same in the DC area when I return.

    In other news, we'll have a similar Forum IRL in Bishkek this weekend. Come on out!

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  • bruckbruck San FranciscoMember
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    suziedods wrote: »
    Oy.. I have no idea how to do that. There was a request to video it to you tube.. but again.. the editing involved.. I have no idea.

    If only they had tech people in San Francisco!
  • I am compiling a list of participants and goals and questions.
    I will take notes and edit to hopefully a usable document.
    So far we have NAUSEA as the top topic! We also have at least 10 participants and several volunteers to answer questions. Well on our way.

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  • SharkoSharko Tomales BayGuest
    Below is what I have sent out to the general swimming public about the discussion...If you are in the area please stop by..

    Have you ever thought how fun it would be to swim for 15 hours in cold water ....with at least 4 of those hours in the dark with just a Speedo, goggles and a cap!!!….If this sounds like “your cup of tea” then join us for this forum.

    I have agreed to help organize this happening because I believe there is something very big about marathon swimming….there is a powerful personal transformation that happens as a result of this journey…it changes the marathon swimmer in many profound ways.
    Suzie Dods and I will help moderate the forum where we will discuss the process from beginning to end with the help of many marathon swimmers, aspirants, support crew and those that are starting to think about it.
    So let’s hear it for the Marathon Swimmers of the world who feel most comfortable and at home in the open water … for hours on end.
    Let’s meet and discuss this noble journey…should be fun!!!

    El Sharko… Suzie Dods

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  • SharkoSharko Tomales BayGuest

    I think we had an instructive Marathon Swimming Discussion Yesterday.....and were fortunate to have it filmed ( thanks to Tom Linthicum aka Reptile) and hope to have that available for all to view. Some of our discussions may be thing is for sure marathon swimmers are individuals and find their own ways to succeed....but there is a commonality within those differences that make for successful swims...not that trying or the journey should be diminished is all good!!! The night before I watched Kim Chambers talk at SERC and learned a lot about why one would continue swimming channels (Oceans Seven) in Kim's case....there is a connection that happens that is most is interesting that Dolphins seemed to be aware of her efforts on many of her swims...Kim like most marathon swimmers have that ability to go to that place and overcome the bodily pain that would halt many people from the completion...more on the film when I talk to Reptile.


    "I never met a shark I didn't like"

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