Calorie-burning vest makes use of cold exposure

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"Give fat the cold shoulder." That is the catchy advice in a video of a scientist who believes he is on to something to support weight loss, and that is The Cold Shoulder calorie-burning vest. Dr. Wayne B. Hayes said it can help a person burn an extra 500 calories per day. Swimmers burn a lot of calories in their workouts but swimming in cold water also contributes to the amount of daily calories burned. Olympic swimmers spend their time in water that is about 20 degrees Fahrenheit below their body temperature. This temperature difference extracts calories from their bodies. He said the difference makes them burn way more calories than exercise alone. The vest's basic concept is clothing with ice-pack inserts which serve to help burn calories.

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Personally, I think I'd use this more for a post swim ice treatment to keep inflammation down but hey who knows.
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