Swim the Suck 2015

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Swim the Suck opens for registration Feb 1 at noon EST. 100 swimmer slots are expected to sell out in less than 30 minutes. The race through the Tennessee River Gorge near Chattanooga will take place October 10, 2015.


This swim is highly recommended. I was lucky enough to participate in the inaugural StS back in 2010.


  • KNicholasKNicholas ArizonaCharter Member
    Fantastic place to swim, very well organized and great people both on and off the water. Karah and all her volunteers do a remarkable job in making this swim one of the best. The awards, including gifts to swimmers and crew, are from local craftsmen which adds a unique personal touch. A certain sell out.
  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    If I had more than two thumbs, they'd all be up. This is a fantastic swim by a fantastic race director with incredibly fantastic volunteers. Highly recommended!

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • Swim The Suck is a great swim! I did it last year and highly recommend it. Karah does a great job. And it does sell quickly, so be ready at noon to sign up!
  • FrancoFranco Chestertown, MDCharter Member
    I have been fortunate to have participated in this all five years. Karah, her family and the whole COWS group are wonderful hosts. I am looking forward to going back this October.

    Are you planning on returning this year? It has been awhile. I think you would be impressed with how the swim has evolved. The event has grown but still manages to keep that "small event" feel.
  • FYI -- the date is October 10, 2015 (not Oct 15, as written in a previous post)

    Sounds like an awesome event -- something for me to work towards in coming years!
  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member
    Of course there is always the epic Hodge vs. Beets competition. Unfortunately the 2014 edition was canceled due to an illness. I suspect the Beetsdown trash talk will begin on Sunday. :))
  • gregocgregoc Charter Member
    I registered! Now to get in shape for October so I don't suck.
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