Global Marathon Swimming Awards 2014 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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The votes have been tallied, and we are pleased to announce the winners of the third annual MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards.

The awards for Solo Swim of the Year go to Chloe McCardel and Craig Lenning.

Chloe swam 124.4km (77.3 miles) from South Eleuthera Island to Nassau, Bahamas. The swim was completed under MSF Rules, observed by David Barra and documented through MSF's Documented Swims program. This swim set a new world record for longest unassisted ocean swim, which was ratified by an international committee.

Craig completed the first solo swim from the Farallon Islands to the California mainland since Ted Erikson in 1967. 25.7 statute miles in mid-50 degree sea temps, completed in 15 hours, 47 minutes. Craig's swim was documented through MSF.

Big congratulations, as well, to the other Solo Swim finalists: Otto Thaning, Bob Fernald, Charlotte Samuels, and Susan Simmons.

The Barra Award for Most Impressive Overall Year goes to Charlotte Samuels and Mo Siegel.

Charlotte became the youngest person (16 years old) to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, and she did it in less than 10 weeks.

62-year old Mo Siegel completed an epic year of swimming, including three stages of SCAR, two stages of 8 Bridges, two different MIMS Relays, Boston Light, Swim Across the Sound, Skaneateles Lake, and Lake Willoughby.

Big congratulations, as well, to the other Barra Award finalists: Elaine Howley, Emma France, Anthony McCarley, and Rohan More.

The Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming goes to Neil and Grace van der Byl.

Neil and Gracie are two of the most beloved figures in Southern California's marathon swimming community - and certainly elsewhere as well. Between the two of them (and often as a tag-team), they have crewed, paddled, and observed dozens of Catalina Channel, Santa Barbara Channel, and other swims for years. They also founded and continue to maintain a network of local paddlers and crew to connect with out-of-town channel swimmers.

Big congratulations, as well, to the other Streeter Award finalists: Roger Finch, Tracy Clark, and Greg O'Connor.

The Yudovin Award for Most Adventurous Swim goes to Peter Hayden.

Peter completed an unprecedented 11-mile circumnavigation of Anacapa Island (in the Santa Barbara Channel), followed without stopping by a 12.4-mile swim back to the mainland. The "around-and-back" Anacapa swim (some have called it the "lollipop swim") is certainly a unique and imaginative adventure befitting the namesake of this first-year award, David Yudovin.

Big congratulations, as well, to the other Yudovin Award finalists: Patti Bauernfeind and Katie Benoit.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote -- now let's get on with 2015!


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