Place to swim in Baltimore area

bcobbbcobb Member
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Does anyone know of an open water group or a good place to swim in the Baltimore area? I am going to be there later this month and would like to get in some cooler water training.


  • FrancoFranco Chestertown, MDCharter Member
    Hey Bart,

    Do you know where you are staying yet? We go out at the Hammerman Area of Gunpowder State Park. It is about 10 miles NE of downtown. I'll be happy to join you if you are looking for some company. My office is near the airport and I may be able to find something else if you are going to be closer to that area.
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
    Can we be clear? I'm guessing you don't mean the original Baltimore, in Ireland? Stephen Redmond (Ocean's Seven leader) trains in Lough Hyne near there with a couple of other Channel swimmers, temps currently about 10c, (50f).

  • bcobbbcobb Member
    Apologies for the confusion - I was inquiring about Baltimore, Maryland. Franco - we are staying near BWI. Why don't you contact off the forum at
  • SwimalisonSwimalison Delaware Member
    Yes!!!! I live in Maryland and drive down to Annapolis to swim in the Bay with a great group of swimmers know as ABC ( they are training for Bay swim and other ow swimming events... I'm training for 7.5 Potomac and Kingdom 10 mile). Email me at for more info on times and locations ( location varies week to week but always at 8:00 am. Got in a good 3.5 mile swim in the Bay today!!!
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