Open water swimming during pregnancy

Hi all
I'm wondering if anyone has any non-anecdotal information to support continuing ows during pregnancy.
Many thanks Dawn


  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
    I only swim when I am not pregnant.

  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    That was anecdotal.
  • I am presently OWSing during pregnancy. Haven't found a lot of info specific about it, except that swimming is wonderful for prego ladies(I knew that) and that the most up to date research supports continuing to train and even at a rather intense level for those who are accustomed to it pre-pregnancy. My info has pretty much come from Dr. Clapp's research and book "Exercising through your pregnancy".

    I could share my personal anecdotes(and would be interested in those of others) but non-anecdotal--that's all I got!
  • Posted before done--my experience has lined up pretty much with what was described in the book I mentioned above.
  • HelbeHelbe Senior Member
    I scuba dived through the early stages of three pregnancies. Was not really a swimmer at that time but I can only think it is beneficial so long as you don't take part in mass swim starts.
  • Thanks all. Not so sure how to link it Niek.
  • malinakamalinaka Seattle, WACharter Member
    Friend of the Forum Alison D was jumping off piers with us into 53F water past her 38th week, and so far so good.

    (Pro tip: this probably isn't the best place for non-anecdotal, non-empirical evidence, or at least that's my experience.)

    I don't wear a wetsuit; it gives the ocean a sporting chance.

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Member
    When one of my friends was pregnant, the doctor told her to avoid temperatures below 68 degrees. She didn't spend a lot of time in open water, so I don't know if that would have changed if she had been more cold water adjusted.
  • This thread is somewhat old so I thought I would revive it. Does anyone have any advice on swimming in cold water while pregnant? I live in San Diego and would only swim until the water is around 58-59, so I'm not talking extreme temps. Is moderately cold water ok for the baby?

  • I'm looking at my 7 month old who trained right through with me during my pregnancy. Seems that all the research and warnings are more about heat than cold. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I did not train in cold water during pregnancy(only into the 60's F). I read the research by D. Clapp and felt confident based on that to continue to train hard. I found that the big differences were that I needed to take glycogen very seriously, in terms of depletion, so I was careful about feeds during long swims and definitely eating soon after even shorter stuff. I was more sensitive to swimming in warm water, actually. I also noticed some heart rate differences and adjusted for that--mostly I could not truly do an anaeobic "sprint"--it was as if my body said NO.

    My sense from my experience and what I researched is to do what you do, eat carefully for energy, nap to make up for it, and continue with whatever you usually do for cold water training and listen to your body.

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