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We started the MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards in 2012 with two categories:
- Solo Swim of the Year (to honor the single most outstanding marathon swim of the year)
- the Barra Award (to honor the most impressive year of marathon swimming, all considered)

In 2013, we added the "Service to Marathon Swimming" Award, to honor those who have gone most above and beyond in service to the sport of marathon swimming and its participants.

This year, we are excited to announce another new award category, the Yudovin Award, named after legendary Californian marathon swimmer David Yudovin -- one of the very few open water swimmers to be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.
The Yudovin Award honors the single most adventurous swim of the year.

To answer the inevitable question: How is this different from 'Solo Swim of the Year'? I'll say this:

'Solo Swim of the Year' is meant to recognize a purely athletic achievement -- in our sport, this might mean: extraordinarily long swims, extraordinarily fast swims, or extraordinarily physically tough swims. e.g., past winners Tina Neill and Trent Grimsey.

In contrast, the Yudovin Award is meant to recognize the spirit of adventure. The most interesting swim, or the most unusual swim. (These swims are also great athletic accomplishments, obviously.)

David has given his personal blessing for this new award. Those of you who attended the SBCSA banquet this year had the opportunity to meet and chat with him. Wow, does he have some stories! For more info about David, see his website. For a list of his swims, see this page.

Without further ado, please submit your nominations for the Yudovin Award -- the most adventurous swim of 2014.

(Nominated swims must adhere to traditional marathon swimming rules, which David Yudovin has followed during his marathon swimming career... even when no one was watching.)


  • david_barradavid_barra NYCharter Member
    This is a great new category, and well deserved recognition of one of the Marathon Swimming community's great pioneers!

    I would like to nominate Chloe McCardel for her record swim in the Bahamas. In addition to the distance and time spent in the water, Chloe became the first human to swim across the Exuma Sound.... A fantastically deep canyon that divides the islands of Eleuthera and Nassau.

    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

  • Originally I was gonna nominate Chloe for the Barra Award but after reading this description, I can't imagine any other swim this year that meets the definition more than Chloe's epic swim across Exuma Sound. In sheer distance, effort, adventure, etc... My vote is for Chloe!
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    I would like to nominate the Honu Para Swim Team 2014.

    Coached by Marianne Alverez the Honu Para Swim team is made up of 7 para swimmers; 1 blind, 2 double leg amputees, 2 single leg amutees, 1 with mobility disfunctions and 1 with left hand malformation.

    The Honu Para Swim Team successfully crossed the english channel in June 2014.

    For those of you who have crossed the channel on a relay or otherwise, think about what it would be like jumping in and out of a boat when you have no legs, or can not see. The Honu Para Swim Team are inspiring and brave heros and their swim exemplifies the spirit of adventure.
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    We received a nomination for Katie Benoit's triple-width crossing of Lake Constance (Bodensee) in Germany. 34.43 km in 11 hr 40 min, on August 30.

    The local governing body, Bodenseequerung, lists Katie as the only person to have swum a triple-width (Bodensee records page).

    @Cliff, who previously announced Katie's swim on the Forum, adds the following info:

    She had originally planned a 42 mile length crossing but temperature and weather were not on the same page. Oli Halder is the organizer and he was on board with his wife Carina. Pilot was Roland Loewenberg and Crew was Wibke Ahrens, the full -time swim coach of Katie's childhood club "SV Mannheim". If you look at Katie's FB Wall, Oli posted a beautiful photo album and it also contains maps of the individual swim legs.

    The course itself was Friedrichshafen (Germany)-Romanshorn (Switzerland)-Friedrichshafen- and again Romanshorn. Max time on land was 5 min but I believe I used between 1-3 min for my "breaks".

    Oli Halder would be the official point of contact for further details. Let me know if you need Oli's contact info.
    Katie receives sponsorship from Endless Pools and she raises funds for Special Ops Wounded Warriors Foundation...
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    Last call for nominations...
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